Why Grand Parents and Children Bond is Important


In today’s fast world, most often both the parents are a working individuals in their on capacities. In doing so they cannot spare any time for their children let alone fully nurture them and teach them the little things that every child needs at that age. So most parent opt for the nannies and babysitters to do their job, as they do not have any stakes in raising their children because they do’t relate with them so the children who are raised under the supervision of nannies often lack some traits in their personalities.

In every social scientist’s eyes, the parents, especially mothers are the prime focus when it comes to properly raising the child. In the life of an infant, the most effective way of teaching them has been the loving way. Later in the children’s life when they grow up, the things that they see and perceive at the early level will stay with them their whole life and in most cases it becomes their personality’s traits.


Importance of Grand Parents in Child’s Life

grand parents

The latest study has shed some light on the role of the grand parents in the early life of their grand children. The children who live with their grand parents means that they are being raised by them and it plays a crucial role in the development of children’s mind.

Even if grand parents don’t live with their grand kids are very much affected by the role of their grand parents and  in turn they help support the children in raising them whenever they are not with their parents.

As oppose to the children who are being raised by the nannies, grand parents do have much experienced in parenting as they have seen this hurdle one time before, so they do know what is good for the children and what is not.

It is often seen that kids have a very strong relation with grand parents because in their presence, kids feel secure due to the protective nature of the grand parents. They don’t want to lose that bond with their grand kids because at that age they don’t have much else joy in their life, so they cherish their bond with kids. This in turn will enhance the sense of stability in the minds of the kids and it will go a long way in their coming life.

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