What Long Distance Couple did to keep their Relationship Fresh


Many a people say that long distance can be a little tricky if not frustrating. Most people think Skype is just enough to going moving in your relationship. But some of people are a little too attached to each other that need something more than Skype to keep there relationship strong and going in the right direction. So these couple find clever things to keep the fire of their love burning constantly.

So this South Korean couple was living a distant relationship for quite a time. The girl Danbi Shin was living in New York, whereas the boy Seok Li was in Seoul, South Korea. So they trying something new in their relationship, like they both took photos of each other simultaneously while they were on Skype and then later they made collage of those photos until these photos look like they were at the same place in the photo which inadvertently make their love bloom.

They have named their little photo project, “Half&Half”. Below are some of their work of collages.


1. New York’s Arc and South Korea

south korean couple


2. Hand in Hand

hand in hand korean couple


3. Both Faces make one Face



4. Both cities’ Ice Cream

couple with ice cream in their hands


5. The menu board of both cities



6. Sharing the taxi



7. The kind of breakfast both of them share

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart-f (1)


8. One of them is still behind in Coca Cola Packaging


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