Weapons Used In Star Wars Series


Star Wars is a comic fictional series directed by George Lucas. The film series was a great success and it was acclaimed by many people. The reason of Star Wars success was that it was a unique idea. The plot of the film series, the characters, the set, the vehicles and the weapons, everything was different from the common idea of filming of a movie. The design and functionality of the weapons were supposed to be unique but George Lucas wanted to give a lived-in look to the weaponry so the weapons were designed by modifying the design of real world weapons. Let talk about some of the famous methods that were used in the Star Wars film series.

1.      BlasTech T-21 (Lewis Gun)

This gun carried by the Sandtrooper Officer in the Star Wars film, A New Hope, is a British Lewis light machine gun. It is a light repeating blaster with its drum magazine removed and minute cosmetic alterations.800px-T-21blasterifle

2.      BlasTech DL-44 (Mauser C96)350px-SWHanB

The gun is a heavy blaster pistol which was mostly by Han Solo and Rebel Alliance. The gun was also also used by Luke Skywalker in the film, The Empire Strikes Back. The design of the gun was copied from the real life gun, Mauser C96. A sniper rifle scope was added on the front with some minor changes in the magazine and body.

3.      Ion Blaster

The design of the Ion Blaster is based on the real life gun, British Lee Enfield No. 1 MKIII, and it was used by the Jawas in the film, A New Hope. The design of the gun is almost similar to the real life gun except a grenade launcher barrel is added on the shortened barrel.


4.      BlasTech DH-17 (Blaster Pistol)

SWE11br2Another pistol used by the Rebels in the Star Wars films is BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Pistol. The Rebels used this weapon against the Stormtroopers at the blockade runner. The gun was later seen in the hands of the officers and guards on the Death Star. For the film, The Empire Strike Back, the gun was made from the real Sterlings. In the post-production, the muzzles were added.

5.      E-33 Carbine Rifle (Webley & Scott Flare Gun)

E-33 Carbine Rifle is the modified version of Webley & Scott No.1 Mark 1 Flare Gun. The gun was used by Boba Fett in the films, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The barrel was kind of simple in The Empire Strikes Back but the design of the barrel was changed in Return of the Jedi to a more distinctive design and the sniper scope was moved backwards.


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