Top Benefits for the Gay Individuals with the Legalization of Same Sex Marriage in United States


When the topic of gay marriage comes, there are always mixed opinions and even many people do not know what they think on the topic. In this 21st century, where equality is campaigned, why can’t couples of the same sex get married? There is nothing wrong in it and even there are many people who support this.

Well a Good news for those who support marriage of same sex. Recently, the Supreme Court of United States has declared that does not matter whatever be the gender; it is legal for all Americans, to get married to the people whom they love. This declaration by the Supreme Court is a victory for those protesters who have fought for a number of years in the lower courts for gay rights. Thus, this justice has several benefits which can be enjoyed by a gay individual.

Gay Marriage Becomes Legal In California

Social Security Benefits

Here, the gay couples can receive a good financial boost from some social security programs i.e. a surviving spouse of a worker who is entitled to get the retirement benefits can be entitled to get the benefits of retirement based on the earnings record of the deceased spouse.

Tax Benefits

Does not matter whether it is a gay or lesbian couple, they can now receive the advantages of federal tax. They can fill up joint income tax returns by which they can gain thousands of dollars, which is usually loosed by various unmarried gay couples.

Immigration Benefits

As we all know immigration facilities, develops on marital status. A gay individual who is not a citizen of the USA can obtain a citizenship status of the USA if he gets married to a citizen of the USA.

Beside these benefits, there are many other benefits that can be enjoyed by a gay individual if he gets married. So, let’s support this decision of the Supreme Court and allow all the gay individuals to lead a happy life.    Send article as PDF   

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