Top 5 Myths that are not True


Myths are a type of believe that have been derived from the ancient anecdotes, concerning the history of early people involving certain events which are mostly paranormal and supernatural in nature. Some of them might be true to their core, but most of them are a very big fat lies. Most of the myths that we have been believing for very long time were  only joke at start but now in the eyes of few people they are true. People who very easily people believe the myths to be true are who strongly have faith and believe the supernatural stuff.

Some Myths

Below are some of the top myths that are strongly believed but are actually False.

1. Lightning Never Strikes the same Place Twice


That couldn’t be more wrong as I myself has experience this same thing. A tree neat our house gets struck by lightning every once in a while. Scientist have also found out that place that has been struck by it is more prone to strike again than the place that has not been struck before.

2. Chewing gum swallowed never leaves the stomach


This is the one myth that people whoever they are believe it to be true, but it is not. As our stomach has very strong acid in it for the sole purpose of helping the food in digestion. Though it is true that gum take a while to digest but due to very high concentration of acid in our stomach it eventually succumb to the acid. The acid in our stomach is believed to be so strong that it if poured on the hand it can make a hole through your hand. So chewing gum always being in our stomach if swallowed is plain stupid and idiotic.

3.  Too much Sugar makes kids hyperactive and Crazy


Most of the parents believe that too much sugar through cakes and other candies can make their kids hyperactive, frenzy, and crazy. That is not entirely true, obvious there are few cases of it but those children had a severe case of insulin disorder. But in general that hasn’t been the case. What parents see is that at a birthday parties kids are jumping and shouting is what kids do in groups or parties. And it is totally normal for them. Only thing that should be keep in mind that though sugar doesn’t make kids crazy but it is not a healthy thing if consumed excessively whether children or adults.

4. Carrots help Enhance the Vision


That is a myth which was created not very long along. It was first surfaced during the WWII, when The British army made it popular that soldiers have very enhanced Vision as they eat a lot of Carrots. But that was that a ploy for the enemy. In fact British army had the night vision technology at that time and didn’t want to publicize it.

5. Watching too much TV can Ruin Eyesight


As a child, every once in a while I was asked to keep a fair distance from TV while watching it, as it will irreversibly damage my eyes. It is believed to be true to this very day, but actually its not. Although it does give you an eyestrain if watched from very close. If watched for very long time, “Binge Watched” it is called now, it will give a headache, but will do damage your eyes. You should though have a break or two while watching TV too give you eyes some rest and also should too give some times to your family and friends.


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