Stripping Down will help your health more than you Think

As the climate has taken the turn around ourselves mostly in the wrong direction, it becomes very hot in the summers for us. So you might wish you can strip down all your clothes and cool off.

It certainly helps you to cool off the heat but some new information has come to light that being naked often will be very helpful for your health. It can positively effect your many physical and mental problems you face and haven’t had any treatments for them.

Benefits for Your Health

Not all people are courageous enough to don a naked attire most of the time, so you first might have to start from your home especially at night when you go to sleep. If you are in relationship it will help you even further for your health as the heat from both bodies will calm each others’ body and will eventually help you have a better night’s sleep.


Researchers have found that to have a better and REM sleep, getting naked is a very helpful action and you should make it a daily habit of yours and it will make you a calm sleeper at night, as you need body temperature lower than 70 degree Fahrenheit for a deep sleep and it can only be achieved if strip your clothes. Also if your body temperature is on the lower side of 70 , it will help you to have an dramatic increase in your metabolism rate and lower your cholesterol.

As we wear very heavy and restrictive clothes all day long and it might make us sweat like crazy, though sweating is good but excess of it can damage your skin a bit, especially when you body in a resting state like a night’s sleep, as it will inflame the follicles of your skin and gives you irreversible rashes on your skin. So you should let your skin breath a little by going nude at least at night.


Also if you like to go on beaches and have a good few hours of sun for you body, it will help you gain good amount of Vitamin D for you which is very beneficial to reduce the chances of cancer, especially the breast cancer in women.

So embrace you body and have fun at being naked and in turn be healthy and fabulous.


Humor, Medicine for Better Health

Life is too precious and short to spend it in despair, grief, and sorrow. Life is much more important than always worrying, it means to live in the moment and enjoy life to its fullest. But for that to accomplish people have to have something to hold onto for the rest of their life. That is when humor comes into play. Humor and laughter are contagious. Laugh of child or even of an adult gives you the best feeling in the world unlike that horrible sound of crying and mourning. Humor is the best adhesive that binds people together. irrespective of their relationship with each other.

Humor and a good lung hurting laugh once in a while is best kind of medicine you can get to relieve all your pains, and to rejuvenate yourself too. It unburdens all the stress your body is bearing and can make it light as a feather.

Below we will discuss the benefits of a Good Laughter and Humor on humans and their end results on them in three different ways.

1. Mental Benefits of Humor

mental health

It is evident from the researchers’ study that a sound brain is as important as a healthy body, in fact its somewhat more important than that. So obviously it should be very clear to everybody that we have to make our mind strong and active, and what would be more helpful for mind than a good laugh. Humor and laugh adds joy and zeal to life. Laughter eases hypertension and relieve the pressure and anxiety from the mind. It also improves your daily mood and helps increase the resistances for all mental problems.


2. Physical Benefits of Humor


Physical health is the only indicator that you are still going and able to work on whatever you want to do. But there should be something other than medicine that should help you to stay fit. Good humor and laughter provide exactly that. The humor provides the body with the enzymes that help reduce the production of hormones that increase the stress and tension. It also is very helpful in boosting the immune system of the body, which ultimately helps in preventing different diseases. As a good laughter goes, it is a very helpful body exercise especially for the muscles, as it unties all the muscles in great stress. Making your body more relaxed than ever. Muscles become more and more strong as you indulge yourself in a laugh therapy on daily basis, which is basically spending more time with friends and family, it also involve the muscles around your heart and eventually helps you in lowering the risks of heart diseases.


3. Social benefits of Humor

Most of the time there are two instances when people get along, be acquainted, and than eventually become friends with each other. That one is in happiness and the other is in sorrow and grief by sharing each others despair. In most cases  the sorrow will eventually turn into smile, humor and then laughter. From the above demonstration of the relations based on smiles and humor, it will help you to strengthen your relationships will your buddies and families. If you are not on the best of terms with somebody, someone is angry with you, humor is the best tool to diffuse any hidden or shown confusions between friends. It has also been seen that in a working environment or an office, people who use frequent humor, have way better chances to bond with their colleagues and can easily be promoted rather than the ones who are very much have a serious attitude towards other people.


Now it concludes that laughter is as important for humans as oxygen or water. Humor can totally transform your life and change the way you perceive the meaning of life and how you like to live it. It is also very important to find the ways to keep others and yourself happy and smiling. you should include the bits of life in your daily routines that keep you smiling whether it is going to club or a bar, going shopping, watching funny TV shows, anything that warms your heart with the sensation of humor and laughter. And try to make others’ life a joy too which is the best way for you to gain the ultimate happiness there is in this short life.