Health Benefits of Green Tea

Well, we all enjoy tea. Don’t we?? If it’s a rainy weather or exhaustion from doing a lot of work in your office, we want to have a nice hot cup of tea on our table which will keep us going. You may have enjoyed different varieties of tea but today, lets discuss the most famous one, The Green Tea. Green tea is the one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Green tea is processed from the unfermented leaves of the tea plant, also known as Camellia sinesis. According to the researches done on both animals and humans by the scientists and medical experts, green tea has a lot of benefits and is very good for our health. A research scientist, Dr. Christopher Ochner said about green tea, “It’s the healthiest thing I can think of to drink”. So, let’s discuss the health benefits of green tea

1.      Low Cholesterol

Drinking green tea regularly can help you to bring down your cholesterol level. Researches have shown that men who have a regular intake of green tea have low cholesterol level than the men who don’t. Green tea prevents the cholesterol from being absorbed in the intestine and significantly reduces the level of harmful LDL cholesterol.

2.      Cancer Prevention

greenteacancerEarly researches show that both green tea and black tea help to prevent cancer. Especially green tea has large amounts of polyphenols and antioxidants that play an important role in prevention of the production of cancerous cells in the body. That’s why in countries like Japan, where tea is consumed in larger amounts, people have less tendency to be affected by cancer but this is not so sure yet and scientists are reviewing those earlier researches.

3.      Weight Loss

Regular use of green tea can also help a lot in weight loss and fat burning. In one study, researchers have found that combination of green tea and caffeine has helped in weight loss and maintains body weight in obese people. Scientists think that components like catechins in green tea are responsible for weight loss.

4.      Improvement in Brain Function

brain-circulation1Consumption of green tea can help in improvement of brain functionality and make you smarter. As we all know that caffeine help in improvement of various brain functionalities including memory, mood variation, and vigilance. But green tea offers more than that. It has less caffeine than coffee which can reduce the jittery effect. It also has the amino acid L-theanine, which increases dopamine and hence the production of alpha waves in the brain. Studies have shown that many people have stable energy and much more productive after the use of green tea.

5.      Dental Health

The catechins in green tea also help in killing bacteria and preventing various types of infections such as influenza virus infection and many other bacterial diseases. It helps in killing the bad bacteria and inhibits the growth of streptococcus mutans which in result reduces the risk of caries. Another great advantage of green tea is that it gives a refreshing feeling and prevents foul breath.

Getting Onnit with Nootropics

Everybody is searching for approaches to enhance one’s mental determination, stamina, and skill sets. Supplements called nootropics are extremely popular these days. These new supplements are said to enhance one’s psychological aptitudes and lead to better memory, mental toughness, readiness, and critical thinking capacities, among other related advantages. Now and then these nootropic supplements are recommended for individuals who endure dysfunctional behavior or neurological disorders that keep them from working in typical regular life.

One confusion about taking nootropics like, for instance, Onnit’s Alpha Brain supplement course is that it will make you more intelligent immediately on the grounds that you’re more conscious and absorbing more data. Kind of like a study help to give understudies leeway like what is done with ADD pharmaceuticals. For one, this is not what nootropics are intended for and there is sufficiently not enough research done to demonstrate the amount they add to absorbing or retrieving data.

When you’re Onnit

So, since these nootropic medications can be bought OTC at any nearby supplement or health store and on the web, it is vital you do your own particular research on what is out there and the cases that are being made. Search for reviews by those have tried an item longer than 1 course, or month, to get past the outlier information, which does not represent the median or average level of experiences.

This is particularly valid for something as questionable as the human personality, the bias or first-impression that drugs have on you before you even take them can actually cause you to experience something that is not even there or have an adverse effect that is outside the norm.  This has a ton to do with how much your mind can change physiology and what you feel is occurring to your body, not so much something that is really manifesting in your body.

Another critical thing to pay special mind to when scrutinizing nootropics are all the pitches and well known articles that could be paid by the organizations that offer these medications. Honesty is an uncommon product in the wellbeing and medication industry. It’s essential to have a fair-minded audit taking into account what the drug’s indications are, what it’s made out of, and any connections that the medication may have with different foods or other medications. These nootropics aren’t your dad’s supplemental pills, these drugs can have potentially serious consequences if you were to buy just any brand, just because it is cheaper than another brand, like Onnit’s.

Final Thoughts

The Alpha Brain supplement by Onnit is one of the top nootropic combination supplements and is viewed as the best for what they decide to put in their medications and how they measure their ingredients.  There is a special balance that needs to be achieved to sufficiently produce a high enough boost to the brain’s capabilities without making your neuron’s go haywire and start burning you out, rather than strengthening how it makes new connections.  There’s a reason why Onnit is so passionately promoted by MMA personality and all-around lover of knowledge, Joe Rogan.  He’s not a salesman and he doesn’t buy into gimmicks, so it’s worth listening to what he has to say about Onnit and what they’re doing to advance the nootropics industry.

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