10 Perfectly Timed Photos

Now a days DSLR cameras are not as expensive as they were back in the days. So naturally anybody who owns it consider themselves Photographer. But should not be the  case regarding photography. As taking a perfect shot takes a lot of skills and talent. You have to find perfect lighting, angles, and most importantly you have find the perfect timing that will make the shot worth watching. And that takes a lot of knowledge and skills to pull off a perfect shot. But sometimes nature do all the work for the photographer, and all they have to do is take a shot. Today we have complied a list of some of those shots, snapped at the perfect time.

Below are 10 amazingly and perfectly timed photos.


1. Who doesn’t love to burst the water bubbles. But its even better to capture live bubble bursting.




2. This might be the moon landing that be always wanted to see. No disrespect to Neil Armstrong.

moon land



3. If this was true, then this man would have wiped hundreds of villages, but Thank God its an illusion.

sky fart



4. I Believe that is not the correct reaction when a ball is coming towards you. But this man looks pissed rather than dunking to save himself.




5. In Some cultures Shadows are considered evil and now it is very much evident that they are in fact evil.




6. Who doesn’t love a good old Golden retriever, but this right here is straight on creepy and they don’t have any shadows. Scary!!




7. Exercise is good for health and must be adopted as a daily routine but from this angle, it seems to be not a very good idea.


8. Accidentally or not, but these cats are so in love with each other.



9. Yeeeaaahhh…. Give me five buddy… we totally Rock On…



10. He is probably giving audition for Step Up 6. But the kid has got talent, Trish Sie should consider him.


Tiny Road Signs Built for Tiny Fellows in Vilnius, Lithuania.

There are many tiny creatures that live around us including our pets or birds. These tiny creatures really make us happy when they are around us. Some cool guys in Vilnius, Lithuania started this project named as “Tiny Road Signs” in which they built tiny signs beside the roads to facilitate those cute tiny creatures. Have a look at this tiny project and share it with your friends and family.


1.    This creature has already started following the rules.




2. Only Cats Allowed Here!



3. Swimming area ahead but for ducks only.



4. These birds are free to fly here in official records.



5. Work in progress… Sorry for inconvenience.



6. Please don’t cross! Labor working ahead.




7. Let’s have lunch together?