Ways to Grow your Startup Business faster than your Competitors

In every kind of startup, whether it’s a completely unique idea or you are launching a new feature using an already existing idea, in most of the cases you are going to have some rough patches especially in the initial stages of your journey because you don’t know about the atmosphere of the market or the market response after the launch of your product. No matter, how revolutionary your idea or your product is; its success majorly depends on the customer mood or the heat it will generate after its launch. So, it is important for everyone to take care of a few things at the startup of their business which will help them to boost and grow faster than their competitors.


1.      best-deal-promise1Sell something before startup

The major misconception that most of the founders and innovators have is “If I build, they will come”. This doesn’t happen generally. You have to show the value of your product to the targeted audience and advertise it in the right direction for its success. So, first try selling something. It will give you a good idea of how to advertise your product in a better way.

2.      Use a platform

It may seem expensive but using a platform will help to promote the sales of your product on a great level. Using a platform which already has a place and a name in the market will help you to show or advertise your product on a larger scale. For example, online platforms like Amazon which millions of people visit every day to see and buy the product according to their needs offer their services to promote your product as well.

3.      Use landing pages

Landing or squeeze pages can also help a lot for lead generation that will ultimately promote your product. If you don’t want to hire a coder to code a landing page for you, it’s fine. There are multiple online platforms available to create landing pages like Instapage, Unbouce etc. where you can just drag and drop to build a good landing page of your choice. Hiring a coder will certainly give you unlimited options about the design and functionality of the landing page. So, if you are 100% positive about it, then hiring a programmer would be a better option.

4.      focusFocus on only one thing

You will see many successful entrepreneurs but no parallel entrepreneurs, because if you want to achieve something big, you have to focus on that specific thing. So, do the only things that you are best at and don’t get impressed by someone else success in any other field. They have their own talents and you have your own specialty. So, focus on your own talents and be the best at what you do.

5.      Make a good team

Team Concept

If you look at great entrepreneurs like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, they all had the best of teams which ultimately helped to excel in their field. Having a good team will help you to manage your company very effectively and efficiently. It can’t be true about anyone that he is good at everything. You may be good at making your product but not good at selling at or advertising. So, have a partner who is good at those things and in this way, with the help your team, you can cover your weaknesses.

Advantages of Being an Entrepreneur

The term entrepreneur means ” the one who takes risk in his business”, but  now been widely called entrepreneurs instead of being called as businessmen, as it sounds a bit fancy. The most visible and important trait that the entrepreneurs have is the ability to take up any challenge and risk in any situation. Every thing that is associated with the the business would be the headache of the entrepreneur in all of its truthfulness.

Being an entrepreneur has a lot of perks but it does want almost all of your time to become the successful figure in the world of business. Following are some of the benefits and advantages of being an entrepreneur.

Advantages of being an Entrepreneur

1. Can Do what they Love


Most people who do a 9 to 5 jobs sometimes don’t have the liberty of pursuing what they love and remain stuck with their dead end jobs for whole of the life. But entrepreneurs actually do what they love and gain the monetary benefits from it too.

2. Being able to control Everything


Having Control and Power has been the most important thing humans have wanted more than the money since the start of time. So entrepreneur do enjoy the control and power they have at their disposal all the time. They control the people under them, they make all the important decision and they have all the say in almost every matter. Who wouldn’t want that.

3. Work Flexibility


There are quite a few people who do not like the bounded hours of a job but can’t do anything about it and most of them are stuck with it their wholes lives. Fortunately for entrepreneurs, it is a different story altogether, they have the luxury of starting their day late, can take breaks at any time, and whenever they don’t feel like doing some work they can skip it without the fear of the bosses and their bantering.

4. Full Inner Potential

World has talent scattered all over the place, but most of the people got hold back due to very different reasons, one of them is being in a dead end job and not doing much. Jobs most often don’t really provide the motivation to reach the new heights, on the contrary if you are invested in your own business, it certainly gives you the spark you need to reach your full potential and in return the reward is guaranteed unlike being in a 9 to 5 job.

5. Make a difference in Society

As entrepreneur have much more ratio of profit generation than the ones who are in a job, so most of the entrepreneur we have seen, like to give back to the society thus giving rise to the term of social entrepreneurship. To most people helping others and being able to provide the happiness to the families who don’t have the privileges to make it from their own. This gives people the greatest feeling in the world and obviously it does help in the business if we think in monetary and marketing ways which we shouldn’t in this matter.