Recent Update of Google on Responsive Designs and Its Benefits


Recently, there has been great news going viral over the internet regarding the mobile responsive websites. Google has launched a new algorithm (i.e. Mobilegeddon) on a hot topic that is Responsive Web Designs.

Importance of Responsive Design:


In sync with the above situation, many people will raise a question: we had our job done, what the big deal if our website is mobile responsive or not? For these people here is something that can make you understand.

Though this algorithm affects the search results on devices like mobile phones, organizations whose website is not responsive are likely to suffer as a large number of people are carrying out their searches on devices like smart phones and tablets. According to a research done by, it has been found out that a high number of traffic comes only from the mobile devices and in the year 2014 (June 2014-Nov 2014), half of the Google traffic came from the mobile devices. Thus, according to the update of Google, by creating a responsive design, you can get a good rank in the search results.

responsive design

The recent update by Google is something that anybody having a website cannot ignore. Along with declining visibility on search engines, companies that do not have responsive websites will experience few page visits which results in less sales. If your website is not mobile friendly, then it is necessary for you to integrate responsive web design. Having a responsive website can help in adjusting itself to fit the screen of any device including mobile.

Thus,it is essential for the business to make their website mobile friendly as soon as possible.

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