Reasons You Should not carry Guns


It might be a understatement if we say people feel more powerful when they have guns in their pocket with loaded bullets in it. Whether you are going to a shopping mall, your campus, or visiting your ranches in the outbacks. Mostly it gives the people who have gun with them the feeling that they mostly experience in the movies like they are John McClane, James Bond, or Jason Bourne. Everyone has their fantasies when it comes to the guns. The most powerful feel even more empowered when they have a gun in their hands and not in a good way.

But despite all that fantasies, there are a lot reasons you should keep away from the guns and these are as follows:

1. Risk of injuring yourself is high with your own gun


Most people don’t have a experience when it comes to guns, but they just like the idea of having a gun at their disposal. But studies have shown that the state where most people have guns have more deaths in last 25 years compared to the states where people have less guns, as they have only few deaths related to guns that are not used by the cops.

2. Guns are getting complex, humans are getting dumber


As the machines are always getting more and more complex, and people have a downward trend when it comes to their intellectual level. People don’t have the safety on their guns and they always tend to do mistake when it comes to handling their weapons. There is always a chance that they will drop their weapon and in an attempt to catch, they can accidentally pull the trigger and might hurt themselves or someone else standing nearby.


3. Guns with Anger Issues can produce Horrible Outcomes

It has been a well documented issue that 10% of  persons who had guns or had an easy access to the guns, they had some or full on case of mental issues and they had also to be diagnosed with bipolar and anger management issues, which makes it much more dangerous for the people who had to deal with them.

4. Children got hold of the Guns

As the guns are getting more common and common, it becomes easy accessible to the children and the its a matter of time something awful happen. The accidental shootings by children have increase exponentially in the last decade and killed many people by accident. The teenage suicide rates have also picked up pace as they got the guns in their hands.


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