Raising Your Children The Right Way?


Back then parenting wasn’t as complicated as it is now with all the technology and other advancements interfering with the basics of raising a child perfectly. In the old days, parents had the firm belief that there should be a constant 24/7 guidance upon their children, so they can always see what children are up to. But now the “Millennial” parents have dubbed that as “Overparenting”.

So it got the scientist head scratching on which parenting style gets the better results. Many students of this very subject believes that the right parenting is the one where the rights of children are respected but there is proper check and balance, and rightful involvement in their children’s activities so as to not crossing any boundaries. Parent who sets higher expectations from their children with respect to their education and moral values but giving the children enough metaphorical space to breath, some do often fit right into those expectations and achieve them. Obviously exceptions are always there.

The reasons that the scientists give for the success of authoritative parenting are as below:

  1. Children get motivated by their parents
  2. These children are not often praised by their parents. But only on a high achievement
  3. They have never seen mediocrity

Researchers have conducted studies on whether children should be praised often or not, turns out children who are often told that they are smart and brilliant don’t do very good in the their academic life. The reason is as they are told how amazing they are, but when they are asked to do certain task which is difficult than others, their mind tells them not to do that task and bail out of it, and they develop the fear of losing. While others who were not praised, did good and completed the task, as they did the task for the trill of doing the task but not for the seal of approval from their parents as the “Smart One”.


The extent of parenting should be to keep a keen eye but affectionate behavior, encouraging them to work hard, but not overburdening them, and giving them the love they need but not over praising the child to the extent that they always rely on somebodies seal of approval in whatever they do in their practical life.

The primary purpose of parents should be in raising their kids is to help develop the necessary attributes in them that they will need when parents will not be around them. To develop the sense of confidence in their behavior, and living their life on their on rules.


Children, Like their Parents

In the end parents rather than children are the ones that should update their parenting book, because children very closely monitor their parents and in the end they emulate all the action they see they parents doing. If you want your children to have the self dignity, good moral values, and better repute in the society, then you should act in accordance with the attributes you want to see in your children and try to implement them in your life. As children copy the actions their parents do rather than what they have been told up front. After all the children grow up to be  their parents shadows, so parents should be an epitome of a perfect person that their children should follow and ultimately be like one.


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