Qualities More Important than I.Q For Success


Everybody wants to be successful in their life. The measure of success differs in everybody’s perspective. Few of us think that money is the only thing that matters when it comes to your success. But to achieve that level of success in life you need combination of few things in particular to help you go to the next step in your career. Many think Intelligence Quotient is the primary parameter to have for enjoying the elite position in society. Though it does play a part for you in achieving that success, but only having I.Q sometimes ruins your steady pathway to triumph.

To have a perfect recipe for success you have to have a mix of few traits at your disposal at every moment of your life. Some people are born with these traits, but by working hard and learning how to be effective and important to the society, you can gradually learn these traits for your character and be eventually very much successful in the life. So what are these qualities necessary for success other than I.Q? Social scientists have recorded that I.Q play little to nothing in achieving the desired success. These following three are the key players that helps you go to the level you wanted.

Parameters for Success

1. Empathy


It is the ability of putting yourself in somebody’s shoes and feeling exactly what they are feeling. In daily life people more often have a conflict of interests, but having empathy will help them clear way from those conflicts and be close to each other.Having people by your side is the first step in going towards your next step in success. Having the awareness on the emotional level is the key in these kind of things. People only care for you if you show that you care for what they see and believe in, better yet if you actually do care for other people which you should do then it will positively effect the relations you have with other people and in return they will trust you and care for you. All the empathetic behaviors you have will help you act in accordance with your plan in achieving high success.


2. Resolve and Courage


Many a scientists have dove in finding out which one of the character’s trait is the most important to have for you to succeed in what you do. Well it wasn’t I.Q, it certainly wasn’t empathy, but it was the courage, the grit in the character and resolve to do something, and do it with full passion. It gives you the required and requisitioned passion you need in order to gain the effectiveness in climbing the ladders of success. It always keeps you motivated no matter what the position you might be in. It is often seen that people lacking this ability who are in middle of there work but are not gaining something out of it at the moment, just at the verge of going big or gaining huge profits backs out. But the people with perfect resolute are always looking for that brink moment that will open the doors for their huge achievements.

3. Self Regulation


The self regulation means the act of restraining yourself from the temporary accomplishments and saying no to something that is not always necessary but timed. Stanford University placed that study under microscope and formed the experiments with 2 year old children. The children were told that they had candies in front of them, but if they restrain themselves for eating them for 2 hours they will get double the amount of candies they were initially offered. After a decade or two those children were studied, and it revealed that children who restrained themselves from eating candies were more successful than the ones who eat the candies. So it is clear that saying no to something that may seem glittery and shiny at the moment will eventually be helpful to achieved the success you always desired.

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