Pumpkins at this Halloween


The festivity of Halloween has come from the Celtic origins and was basically  emerged from the reigns of the old Europe. The word Halloween has changed from various forms of words likes all Hallows, Alhalloween, all Hallow day. Back in the days the festive day of Halloween was all about the ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, ghouls, and much more. But now it has took quite a turn on the other side and now Halloween is all about the costumes and trick or treating. It has a very special place in the eyes of the little kids who love the festive of Halloween.

Many years back on the Eve of Halloween, the mot important thing that people did, was the family dinner with all the members of your family and sharing few scary tales with the children. But now only few of those families observe this sacred and everyone else has being doing other things that has nothing to do with the spirit of Halloween.

People make different kinds of costumes some of them are related to Halloween, but mostly people are doing costumes that are related with their famous movie characters and the most famous them would be the costume of slutty that came in as a prefix to the most famous things like slutty nurse.

But the thing that is not associated with Halloween but is wildly been called the most amazing thing about Halloween and that is the art of carving the pumpkins. Carving Pumpkins has come to US way back, as US do produce a lot of pumpkins, so people can use them to for their fun little endeavors like carving pumpkin. Different types of pumpkin carvings have been introduced in the mix.

Below are some of those few amazing pumpkins carvings people have done for this years Halloween and are still doing it before the Halloween on the 31st Oct.

Cheeky Face

cheeky face pumpkin


Resting Face Punched

resting face punched pumpkins



two faces one pumkins


Red Indian Pumpkin

pumpkins and red indian


scary face pumpkins


The Football Pumpkin



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