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Don’t Let FEAR Take Control Of Your Life – Personal Development 101 – Presented by Krystal Comber

Why is it that so many of us don’t take control of our lives, work toward our goals and simply TAKE ACTION?  Everyone out there has a purpose, you know it deep down in the depths of your soul.  Whether it be a new business venture, hobby, interest in a person (romantic or platonic), losing weight, quitting smoking, eating healthy, taking vitamins, starting that daily routine you have always claimed you would do, but never did…the list goes on.

When you think about New Year’s Resolutions what comes to mind?  Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution in the past?  Did you succeed or fail miserably?  In today’s economy, we hear a lot of “When I start my…”, “Tomorrow I will…”, “After my birthday I will…”, “As soon as I find a buddy to do it with me, I will…”.  I can’t begin to explain how many times I hear that on a daily basis.

Stop putting a date out there and just DO IT!

Procrastination is unfortunately one of the biggest results of fear and we all experience it at times…some more than others. Procrastination is also the result of little to no success in our lives.  If you want to see results, then start jumping out of your comfort zone and create a battle plan to work toward your goals, one day at a time.

Success does not occur over night.  That is a common misconception that so many fail to realize.  They think that if they decide to start a business, that they will immediately see the money coming in.  Think again!  Yes, there are success stories of individuals where instant success occurred but this should not be expected.  If it happens then good for you, but what we need to prepare for is seeing results slowly form overtime and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Keep this in mind…the more focused, prepared and committed you are…the higher results and quicker success you will see.

Let me give you a couple examples

Business – An individual decides to start a farming business.  They buy the equipment and hire the employees that they will need. The next week they see no results. Why is this?  Because they didn’t follow through further.  After the two steps they took, they should’ve created a battle plan…The overall layout of the farm, the best location for each crop, areas that have sunlight vs no sunlight, irrigation system locations, green house areas vs outdoor open, promotion tactics, reaching out to other businesses and potential customers, etc. It takes time, hard work and a clear goal set in mind.

Fame – An individual decides to create a YouTube channel only on the thought that they want to be famous and make money. They don’t know they want to be famous for, but they watched a video on a success story of an 8 year old that became famous very quickly and now benefits from a solid income based on ads from the videos.  They go to YouTube and create a channel, setup the monetization settings, google webmasters, create a quick blog, upload a few videos and then don’t understand why they didn’t become successful over their first week.


My question to this individual would be “Why did you create this blog?”  It all truly starts with Why, no matter how you look at it.  If your only goal is fame and fortune, then you are missing a very essential point to the meaning of success.  Why is this individual seeking fame and fortune?  To provide for their family?  To live a life with no financial worry?  To feel like they have a purpose..a meaning?

What is it that they can provide to viewers out there that will keep them loyal fans?  A laugh every day?  A trade or information on how to do something?  Inspirational stories to make the viewers feel uplifted, as if they can conquer the world?

We must know why we do the things that we do.  We must have a clear focus and mindset to be able to achieve the goals we set in place.  Don’t be vague when coming up with these things.  Think about what it is and why you want the things you want.  Once you figure that out, start simple and grow big!  If you stay consistent and dedicated, you WILL see results form and ultimately the success you crave.

Where Do I Start?

I would like you to partake in a simple activity in finding out your why, what your purpose is, why you have been putting it off, and what you can do start your transformation in the right direction.

  1. What do you desire most in life?
    1. Financial freedom, security, love, happiness…
  2. What do you enjoy doing?
    1. Sports, helping others, computer work, reading/researching, watching movies, playing video games, artwork, crafts…
  3. What are you good at?
    1. Are there certain activities or topics that others are always seeking your advice on?
  4. In what areas of your life are you unhappy or unsatisfied currently?
    1. Job, family, finances, love…
  5. What do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years?
    1. What does your life look like at that time, who is a part of it, how are you making a living…?
  6. How can you begin to alter your life into a more productive and fulfilling way?
  7. What have you said you would do but didn’t?
  8. Any New Year’s resolutions gone bad?
    1. Why?
  9. What is it that makes you procrastinate on specific topics?
  10. What are you going to do NOW…TODAY… to begin addressing these topics and working toward your goals?

I’d like you to take the time to sit and answer these questions.  Really think about them and answer them honestly.  We will be revisiting them in our next Personal Development Lesson to help you begin to conquer your fear and start generating results and success in your life.

My next Personal Development 101 Lesson will be on Creating Battle Plans and how to attack from every angle.

Cheers to success!

– Krystal Comber

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