Nasra, The Dog who grew too Fast


If you like to have healthy and productive life then gets pets. According to a research, people who own pets are more active and happy because pets promote mental and physical health. As we grow old we become less active, so we have to have something that keeps us busy and don’t die prematurely. Pets keep you busy and they provide you responsibility, exercise and companionship. So you must have a pet that is compatible with your lifestyle.

There are varieties of domestic animals that can be your pet. Some people love to have cats as their pet while others love dog. Dogs are considered to be loyal and there is no doubt about it. There is large number of breeds of dogs and every breed has its own attributes. Some breeds are large size dogs and some are small in size. Dogs grow very quick usually they have an average life span of 8 to 12 years.

Here is a story of a couple Alex Dennison and Ashley Lewis and their German shepherd puppy which grow too quickly. They didn’t believe that their German shepherd puppy named as Nasra could grow so quickly. They have saved all the pictures of their puppy from 8 weeks to 8 months. Dennison and Lewis told about their early days with Nasra in an online interview.

“When she was young, we go on walk daily in the evening and people passing by told us that how beautiful she is”. Couple mentioned that they always talk about her size, her paws and head, and how she is going to be so big, and yes they were right because Nasra become so big even at 8 months.

Nasra, The Dog at 8 Weeks

Nasra dog is big at age of 8 weeks


Nasra At 8 Months

nasra dog has become very big at 8 months


8 Weeks to 8 Months

8 week to 8 months of nasra dog


Nasra’s Family

the amazing family of nasra dog


Nasra With Her Owner

the awesome owner of the dog nasr


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