Mears Transportation Overall Review


If you had the pleasure of reading our previous article: Mears Transportation: The Taxi Of Death! – Then you know that our overall consensus on Mears Transportation isn’t very high in rating.  Please feel free to read the in-depth article to know the entire story of our adventure with Mears.


OVERALL RATING (based on a 5 star system):

We give Mears Transportation a 1 star rating overall

PRICE – 4 stars



SAFETY – 1 star

Would we recommend Mears Transportation for your travel needs?

A heavy “NO”



It is important to find great deals while traveling due to the increased cost of living worldwide.  Heck, that’s why we created this website for you!  But at what cost will you take up a great deal?  Yes, Mears Transportation does offer affordable transportation to your destination but when your safety is compromised and customer service is unhelpful and disrespectful, is it really worth it?


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Mears Transportation Review
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I have had numerous moments of terror while being transported in a ride for hire but nothing, NOTHING compares to