Few Amazing and Out of This World Places


It is the nature of man that he usually get fed up from things and want something new. So it is the same situation with the people who like to hangout more often. So if you have enough of parks, museum, beaches and other such places near your area, and you want something new and different about which you can say that, it is out of the world. So you are in luck, there are some other worldly places that you will like love and they are just a ride or flight away from your area.

Top Places to Visit

1. Dallol Hydrothermal field, Africa


This is a beautiful place, it displays a tremendous landscape with amazing variety of colors of salts deposits. It is located in Africa and covering the parts of Ethiopia and Djibouti. It has an amazing view and it is a must visit place.


2. Socotra, Yemen


It is a beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean slightly away from main Africa. By seeing this island it looks like it has its own world by having around 800 rare species of flora and fauna. Most of these species only found at this island and nowhere else. There are not many places like this beautiful in the world


3. Kawah Ijen Sulfur Mine, East Java, Indonesia


If you visit this place you will notice the clouds of sulfur dioxide of different colors. Usually at night it is a beautiful sight when blue colored flames of sulfuric dioxide fly in the air like volcano coming out of a mountain. The Crater Lake located at the top of Kawah Ijen is known to be biggest lake filled with hydrochloric acid.


4. Yehlui Geopark, New Taipei City, Taiwan


If you like to see different shapes of rock reminisces the looks of a great sculptures you really should visit this place. This is the place where you will find many rocks with different type of shapes like ginger or candle-shaped. Some big rocks which stand by the sea having different types of sculpture due to water passing by them.


5. White Desert, Farafra, Egypt


This beautiful desert is big attraction in Egypt for the people coming from different places. Actually you can’t blame them because everyone is attracted to the beauty of this desert. Large number of wind-carve rock formalities gave you a beautiful sight. Actually there was a lake at this place, so when the lake dried out, all the rocks became visible.


6. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


This place has its own beauty. Covering large area of around 4,674 square miles, it is also known as world’s largest salt flat. You can see nothing but a blue sky, clouds and this salt flat and only those things are visible as far as the sight goes.


7. Marble Caves, Patagonia, Chile


This place dates back 6000 years. It has majestic display of cave with different pattern of colors due to reflection of blue lake. The Caves change color time to time depending upon the color of lake water and season. Only few places can come near the beauty of this attraction.


8. The Wave, Arizona, USA


This place is very popular for day time hikers. It has beautiful sandstone waves which are in variety of colors. After visiting this place you will surely be in aw for several days, because it has most breath taking rocks and stone anywhere in the world. Color of the Sandstone changes with the direction of sunlight.


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