Comfort Suites Hilton Head Island – Perfect Hotel for Visiting your new Marine!

We recently got back from a trip to Parris Island, South Carolina.  We were proud to bring back our new Marine andcomfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount outside loved our stay at the Comfort Suites Hilton Head Island.  When booking the trip, there were many options available that were close to the base, however the price range was higher than we were interested in paying.  We were spending family day and the graduation day on the base, so there was no need to spend extra money on a hotel that we were not going to spend much time at.

We were surprised to find that this hotel was roughly $150 per night and with our Check Inn savings, brought it down to $100.  If you are unfamiliar with what Check Inn savings are, here is the quick run down.  It is a company called CLC Lodging that offers business discounts for hotel stays.  You can receive cards for all employees of your business and everyone can enjoy 20 – 40% discounted from their stay while traveling.  It has been a very convenient card for my wife and I, that run multiple online businesses and has saved us a tremendous amount.

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The Comfort Suites Hilton Head Island Hotel offers many amenities

comfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount guest room

The Comfort Suites hotel was perfect for us.  Everything was immaculate, very clean, up-to-date and comfortable.  I loved spending time in the pool and the fitness room.  They had exactly what we needed and were very accommodating.

They offered multiple amenities including:


Workout Room

Complimentary Breakfast

Room Service

Free Wifi

Walking distance to multiple restaurants, shops and fast food

Was under a 30 minute drive to the Parris Island Marine Base


I personally give the Comfort Suites hotel a 5 star rating and would love to go back in the future!

comfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount complimentary breakfastcomfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount workout roomcomfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discountcomfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount poolcomfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount entry

Looking for a House Sitter to meet your Travel Needs?

Looking for a House Sitter to meet your Travel Needs?

One common problem that I see many people running into is not being able to travel due to the need of a house sitter, specifically related to their pets most often.

Traveling with Petspet-sitter-house-sitter-dog-kennel

It’s not that it cannot be accomplished to travel with a pet, but life can be much easier when it comes to:

  • Wanting to experience different events that are not pet friendly
  • Hotels, Motels, Lodges, etc
  • Amusement parks
  • Nightlife
  • the list goes on

So, why not consider a service that has been 100% trusted and guaranteed to leave you satisfied for your next travel endeavor?

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HouseCarers has been securely matching Homeonwers with House Sitters since October 2000. We have researched the practice of house sitting and created acceptable guidelines to help our members make informed decisions. We use the power of the internet to connect our members across United States and around the world.


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Considering Taking Your Pet On Your Next Adventure?

Check out this helpful list from the Humane Society on tips for traveling with your pet!

Mears Transportation Overall Review

If you had the pleasure of reading our previous article: Mears Transportation: The Taxi Of Death! – Then you know that our overall consensus on Mears Transportation isn’t very high in rating.  Please feel free to read the in-depth article to know the entire story of our adventure with Mears.


OVERALL RATING (based on a 5 star system):

We give Mears Transportation a 1 star rating overall

PRICE – 4 stars



SAFETY – 1 star

Would we recommend Mears Transportation for your travel needs?

A heavy “NO”



It is important to find great deals while traveling due to the increased cost of living worldwide.  Heck, that’s why we created this website for you!  But at what cost will you take up a great deal?  Yes, Mears Transportation does offer affordable transportation to your destination but when your safety is compromised and customer service is unhelpful and disrespectful, is it really worth it?


Mears Transportation Review: The Taxi of Death!

I have had numerous moments of terror while being transported in a ride for hire but nothing, NOTHING compares to this spine-chilling hell ride!

My wife and I had just arrived at the Orlando International Airport to begin our month long honeymoon. It was late and we were tired, but still filled with excitement for the adventure that awaited us. We approached the service counter for Mears Transportation and were greeted by an elderly man with a surly demeanor. Begrudgingly he asked how he could help us. After a brief exchange of the name a location of our hotel he inquired about round trip tickets for the shuttle. I started to explain that we would be vacationing for a month and would need to be picked up from a different hotel on our return trip.Florida Mears Taxi

In a grumbled elevated voice he barked at us, “I don’t have time for this!”

He printed out our 1 way tickets and ignored any further questions we had. Maybe he had Halitosis and didn’t want to talk to us. Maybe he had an itch he couldn’t scratch. Maybe his shoes were too tight. We all have bad days and I was willing to give him a pass. But what came next was no simple disregard of charm.

Outside we waited for our shuttle, giggling about our experience with the grump behind the counter. After a few minutes a taxi pulled up with an attractive older blonde woman in the back. A large Haitian man jumped out of the driver’s seat, began grabbing our bags and asked where we were headed. Apparently the shuttle service and the cab company are both owned by Mears Transportation. So we hopped in the cab and were on our merry way… Or so we thought.

My wife was seated in the back with the blonde stranger while I sat up front with the driver. This gave me quite the vantage point for the terror that was about to ensue. We were traveling at top speed on the expressway while our driver refused to look at the road ahead of him. His phone seemed to have complete control over his focus. We drifted across the lanes. No turn signal! No care for personal safety! The sound of horns blaring all around could not deter the vigilance of this man’s relationship with his phone. The surrounding motorists swerving to avoid a collision. Tires squealing in defense of their passengers. Dear God, is this how I leave the world? Was this a nightmare? Had I fallen asleep while watching Death Proof? I will forever refer to this experience as my, “Getting right with God moment”. Orlando Taxi

If you plan on vacationing in the Orlando area please, please PLEASE do NOT under any circumstance put your life in the hands of a Mears driver. Find any other service, get an Uber driver, ride a bike, take a hot air balloon. If you choose to use Mears, good luck to you. I hope you have life insurance.

Locations That Have Earned Heaven Status

Every person on this planet has his/her own interest. Out of so many people some wanted to travel and they are crazy about the thing. So the people who are interested in travelling different locations, have different and amazing choices. Some want to visits sea sides and discover what lies underneath it. While some are crazy about mountains and some like to go high in the sky so they can feel the clouds. So for people who like to see beautiful locations on this planet earth, which can give them a feeling of heaven on the earth, can go to these locations.

Amazing Locations


1. Machu Picchu, Peru


Machu Picchu is very beautiful and has very important archaeological significance to it. It has different types of temples, homes and palaces which are made up of dry stone. It is located at High Mountain surrounded by Urubamba River. If we translate the word Machu Picchu in English, it would roughly mean “The Old Peak”.


2. Nagarkot, Nepal


Nagarkot is a village located in Nepal in Bhaktapur District. This place is about 6561 feet above sea level, that’s why it gives you a perfect view of sunrise coming of Himalayas and especially Mount Everest.


3. Cordes sur Ciel, Tarn Valley, France


France is already known as one of the beautiful country in the world, but most of the people are unaware of this majestic place. Tarn valley is a very attractive site located in France. Its streets are covered with fascinating architecture. Built in 1222 by Ramon VII.


4.  Erice, Italy


This place is located on top of the Mount Erice. The town is located in the province of Trapani in Sicily, Italy. It is almost over 2296 feet above sea level which makes it a beautiful site for visitors to see over the city of Trapani.

5. Sapa, Vietnam


It is located in the northwest region of Vietnam very near to the border of China. It is located about 1450 meters above sea level on the mountain range known as Hoang Lien Son. Mostly you will find Ethnic minorities in Sapa or monks to the western world.

6. Quito, Ecuador


Quito is the capital of Ecuador. Some might say this place is the most beautiful capital in the world. It is about 8858 feet above sea level which makes it the highest capital city in the world. It fall between two mountain ranges and has a very cool climate because of its location. Quito was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1978.


7. Calcata, Italy.


Calcata is a small town in Italy. It is present in the province of Viterbo in the Latium region. It is very artistic place. In early 1930s some parts of this town collapsed, which made its resident to move to another place. But after some this place was restored and repopulated. Now it is known as the grooviest village in Italy and a home of about 100 artists, aging hippies and New Age type of adults.

Few Amazing and Out of This World Places

It is the nature of man that he usually get fed up from things and want something new. So it is the same situation with the people who like to hangout more often. So if you have enough of parks, museum, beaches and other such places near your area, and you want something new and different about which you can say that, it is out of the world. So you are in luck, there are some other worldly places that you will like love and they are just a ride or flight away from your area.

Top Places to Visit

1. Dallol Hydrothermal field, Africa


This is a beautiful place, it displays a tremendous landscape with amazing variety of colors of salts deposits. It is located in Africa and covering the parts of Ethiopia and Djibouti. It has an amazing view and it is a must visit place.


2. Socotra, Yemen


It is a beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean slightly away from main Africa. By seeing this island it looks like it has its own world by having around 800 rare species of flora and fauna. Most of these species only found at this island and nowhere else. There are not many places like this beautiful in the world


3. Kawah Ijen Sulfur Mine, East Java, Indonesia


If you visit this place you will notice the clouds of sulfur dioxide of different colors. Usually at night it is a beautiful sight when blue colored flames of sulfuric dioxide fly in the air like volcano coming out of a mountain. The Crater Lake located at the top of Kawah Ijen is known to be biggest lake filled with hydrochloric acid.


4. Yehlui Geopark, New Taipei City, Taiwan


If you like to see different shapes of rock reminisces the looks of a great sculptures you really should visit this place. This is the place where you will find many rocks with different type of shapes like ginger or candle-shaped. Some big rocks which stand by the sea having different types of sculpture due to water passing by them.


5. White Desert, Farafra, Egypt


This beautiful desert is big attraction in Egypt for the people coming from different places. Actually you can’t blame them because everyone is attracted to the beauty of this desert. Large number of wind-carve rock formalities gave you a beautiful sight. Actually there was a lake at this place, so when the lake dried out, all the rocks became visible.


6. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


This place has its own beauty. Covering large area of around 4,674 square miles, it is also known as world’s largest salt flat. You can see nothing but a blue sky, clouds and this salt flat and only those things are visible as far as the sight goes.


7. Marble Caves, Patagonia, Chile


This place dates back 6000 years. It has majestic display of cave with different pattern of colors due to reflection of blue lake. The Caves change color time to time depending upon the color of lake water and season. Only few places can come near the beauty of this attraction.


8. The Wave, Arizona, USA


This place is very popular for day time hikers. It has beautiful sandstone waves which are in variety of colors. After visiting this place you will surely be in aw for several days, because it has most breath taking rocks and stone anywhere in the world. Color of the Sandstone changes with the direction of sunlight.


6 Dangerous Tourist Places to Visit

Today’s life is so busy. Entertainment is very important thing in everyone’s life and especially for those who really work hard day and night for better living. Mostly people wait whole year for vacation because it can bring your energy back and it is also a part of happy life. So when time has come and vacation are going to start everyone look for a better spot to spend their vacations. On vacations you are like, any thing can go down. You enjoy at your full as long as you avoid get into these dangerous and you can say killer vacations places.

Dangerous Places


1. Pamplona Bull Run


Every July there is a festival that happen in Spain named as San Fermin Festival. This festival includes so many events and among those one is Pamplona Bull Run. The event starts when bulls are being freed from the  cages and people  run in front of them, and they through the narrow Spanish street, and that’s where most injuries happen. Eventually the bulls are being taken to an Arena where the ancient tradition of bull riding take place. It is a high risk event, as no one can ensure your safety. Since 1910, fifteen deaths have been recorded during this event.

2.Mont Blanc


Mont Blanc is considered to be world dangerous and deadliest mountain. So many climbers died while climbing this mountain. According to the figures, in 2012 9 climbers died who caught into an avalanche. In 2014 two climbers fell from this mountain and died along with their guide.







3.Half Dome, Yosemite National Park USA


This place is considered great for hiking as far as the weather is clear but there will be a great problem when it starts raining. Due to rain the rocks become slippery and can create trouble for hikers. According to rescue team about 300 incidents have occurred here. Since 1995 around six deaths have been recorded. Locals call it a death trap and death well during rainy days.

4.Skellig Michael, Ireland


No doubt this place is filled with very stunning mountains and landscape, and tourists from all over the world come here to see its beauty. It is located in Ireland and due to its location and dangerous steep steps it is not safe for visitors to climb on. Three tourists have died during exploring this site. So it is not a joke to climb this site it can lead you to your death if no safety and precautionary measures are not ensured.




5.Boa Viagem Beach, Recife, Brazil


Brazil, famous place to spend summer vacations due to its extensive range of white sand beaches. But when comes to Boa Viagem  things get a little tricky, most people do not attempt to go there,it has been known as a home of sharks. Even lifeguards do not go into its water only to teach how to respond to shark attack but in a pool. This beach is open for visitors but swimming is not allowed. But there have been few cases where some Daredevils attempted to go there and they came in the vicinity of sharks, but luckily were saved by the lifeguards.


Colorado River System, USA


This place is located in Colorado USA. People on their vacation often go there for rafting and the river has pretty amazing water flow thus making it very much suitable for rafting but there is a catch to its good flow that is, it has sink holes at unknown places which would make it dangerous and difficult to raft. So in case of Colorado River there is big uncertainty about waterways and according to statistics many boat related deaths occurred at this place. In 2014 around 15 deaths have been occurred here. So if you are planning to visit Colorado River think twice before making any plans.

5 French Things to know before Visiting France

French Customs

There are so many countries in this world, some are developed and some are in a process of developing. Every nation has its own identity and uniqueness. Some are known for their tourism and others are known for their hospitality and delicious food. There are so many unique things in this world in different states. If we look at European countries they have many things that attract so many people from all over the world. In so many European countries one is France and it has its own significance and so many people visit from all over the world to this beautiful country. But there are some things that are shocking for first time visitors in France which are:

1. Love for Bread


French are crazy about bread. According to research out of every 10 people nine eat bread every day. Bread is included in their staple food. You will notice Boulangeries everywhere. Not only for sandwiches, have they liked to have bread with every meal and even with tea or hot coffee.

2. Medical Stores

There are public drugstores in France. You do not have to worry about something you just go to the store can pick up what you want. They have store that originally sells drugs, creams and things like that.


3. Social Gathering

They have very social environment. In some countries people do not bother to talk or help strangers who are first time visitors. But in France it is very normal to help a stranger like they want to help others. They help other like a disabled person to cross the street.

4. Faire La Bise


In France when you meet anybody a face to face is a sure thing. This a way of their welcome. Usually two kisses are sufficient but bise should be done three or four time. Now you can imagine how much of a socialites they are. And let’s suppose you are in some social event in France I think your whole time will be spent kissing other colleagues.


5. Strikes


French love to go on a strike whatever the reason is. If you look at the history and culture of France it is full of strikes. Big example of this thing is French revolution. They always come out from their houses for their rights but through peaceful display of protest.

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