5 Most Profitable Small Businesses

To become a strong economy in this capitalistic world, the most important thing that nation need are a very healthy number of small businesses operating and manufacturing within the country. Small businesses are defined by a very simple rule in USA, that is, the total running cost of that business should not be more than $1 million. Having small business is like a win win situation for all the concerning parties and stakeholders. Tax collection is far more for the bunch of small businesses compared to the very large company. Small businesses promote healthy competition in the industries, and almost all the local needs can be fulfilled through those small business ventures.

So it obviously sounds to be a very amazing idea to start your own small scale business. A big thanks to PR and accounting consultancy firm, named Sageworks has complied and collected the data of more than hundreds small scale business which have been most profitable in the past 10 years.

The list of the most profitable small businesses goes below:

Most Profitable Small Businesses

5. Sales Financing

small businesses

The sales financing is the businesses that in layman’s term id  just the business of credit but for the goods that are being produces and they are being manufactured solely on the credit of the financiers. This business has been booming for quite a time now. The pretax profit margin for this business in the last decade is around 14.9% which is a very healthy profit ratio.

4. Tax Preparation Services

small businesses

No body like to do their taxes, so this niche needed to filled and it was fiiled way back in time, but it is now seeing a steep increase in the profit number of the business. The pretax profit margin of the business stands at the tall 15.1%.

3. Office of Dentists

small businesses

Probably they are most profitable form of the MDs in the medical industry, due to the fact that they are not always bound by the hospital for a job, they open their own clinics which most of the times turn in very handsome profits. The pretax profit margin that the dentists enjoy is around 15.4%.

2. Accounting Services


The niche of the accounting services has quite a few different types of niches under its belt. The most common of them are, PR, tax preparation services, business counseling, financing guides, etc. As more people are getting into the field of business, the need for the accounting services has been increased. So it means their profits are getting very high. Accounting services firms are seeing up to 15.8% of pretax profit margins for the last 10 year.

1. Offices of Chiropractors


Most doctors are offended when chiropractors are labeled as “Doctors”. But nonetheless they often have more profit ratios than the normal doctors. They have benefited in the likes of that they do not need very expensive instruments and more often than not they are paid in cash. Their average pretax profit margin goes to up to 16.2%.

The list above is created just to give you some good solid comparable numbers, so you can easily compare it with your business, or if you want to get into any business.

Advantages of Being an Entrepreneur

The term entrepreneur means ” the one who takes risk in his business”, but  now been widely called entrepreneurs instead of being called as businessmen, as it sounds a bit fancy. The most visible and important trait that the entrepreneurs have is the ability to take up any challenge and risk in any situation. Every thing that is associated with the the business would be the headache of the entrepreneur in all of its truthfulness.

Being an entrepreneur has a lot of perks but it does want almost all of your time to become the successful figure in the world of business. Following are some of the benefits and advantages of being an entrepreneur.

Advantages of being an Entrepreneur

1. Can Do what they Love


Most people who do a 9 to 5 jobs sometimes don’t have the liberty of pursuing what they love and remain stuck with their dead end jobs for whole of the life. But entrepreneurs actually do what they love and gain the monetary benefits from it too.

2. Being able to control Everything


Having Control and Power has been the most important thing humans have wanted more than the money since the start of time. So entrepreneur do enjoy the control and power they have at their disposal all the time. They control the people under them, they make all the important decision and they have all the say in almost every matter. Who wouldn’t want that.

3. Work Flexibility


There are quite a few people who do not like the bounded hours of a job but can’t do anything about it and most of them are stuck with it their wholes lives. Fortunately for entrepreneurs, it is a different story altogether, they have the luxury of starting their day late, can take breaks at any time, and whenever they don’t feel like doing some work they can skip it without the fear of the bosses and their bantering.

4. Full Inner Potential

World has talent scattered all over the place, but most of the people got hold back due to very different reasons, one of them is being in a dead end job and not doing much. Jobs most often don’t really provide the motivation to reach the new heights, on the contrary if you are invested in your own business, it certainly gives you the spark you need to reach your full potential and in return the reward is guaranteed unlike being in a 9 to 5 job.

5. Make a difference in Society

As entrepreneur have much more ratio of profit generation than the ones who are in a job, so most of the entrepreneur we have seen, like to give back to the society thus giving rise to the term of social entrepreneurship. To most people helping others and being able to provide the happiness to the families who don’t have the privileges to make it from their own. This gives people the greatest feeling in the world and obviously it does help in the business if we think in monetary and marketing ways which we shouldn’t in this matter.

Importance of Maths in Business

Pupils who study maths in their high schools often find maths not very useful in their daily life. But it should be reminded to them that maths is the basic ingredient in managing your own business, as it is era of entrepreneurship and being your own boss. Business is not only a skill of creating some products or providing some services. But it caters all the techniques you would need like you would have in a high level job, only difference is you are doing all the hard work for yourself and not some angered up manager at your job.

So here are few things in your business where basic maths would be of prime importance.


1. Business Production Costs


Before being able to establish your business from the scratch, it is very important to know your costs of establishing, costs of production, and other marketing costs. Calculating those costs are not so easy task if you are illiterate in maths. If you want to be in competition with other companies being in a same business as you, then you should be able to analyze those costs of production, so you can be ahead of your competitors at all the times.

2. Pricing of Products


This is probably the most important of the bunch, as it determines how you will do in the industry. The pricing should not be so low that people will start questioning your products’ quality and neither it should be so high that you will be out priced by your competitors, and to know all that you should be able to calculate all perimeters which will be your building blocks in calculating your final pricing of the products.

3. Profit Calculation


The owner of any business should be very much a literate in analyzing the profits of the business, so you are not being deceived by your partners or your employees. By calculating your final and net profits at the end of any time period, you should minus your cost of production, marketing costs, and operating expenses from your net amount of sales, and their you have your net profits.

So in the end by using those maths skills you learnt in your high school you can easily manager and using them you can very much impact your business in financial manners and drastically improve your finances at micro level, it will help you take you business to the next level and become the true entrepreneur that you wanted to be.

5 Facebook Ads Mistakes to Avoid

Age of Facebook Ad campaigns

Back in the good old days marketing was considered an art of your social and visual skills, as how to attract more people by clever drama and imagery. But know Facebook and Google have changed the dynamics of marketing and art of it, and it is now merely a game of how much capital you have. Facebook after introducing their ads has dramatically changed the name of the game. to most of the businesses it has given very awesome results, but some people are still trying get the good from their ads and how to use them for maximum gain.

So here today we will discuss some big no nos when it comes to marketing your business through Facebook ads. Here are Top 5 mistakes people do in their Facebook ad campaigns and how to avoid them.


1. Choice of Image and Quantity

Several users of Facebook ad campaigns have pointed out that most of the people use only one image in their single ad campaign spanning more than a week, and it has proven to be a negative towards campaign. What you need to do to have full advantages is that you should have always more images than the number of days that single campaign will run. As it will give your audience a refreshed feeling everyday and showing that you care for user’s experience.

2. Wrong target Audience

Well this is the most basic thing for any kind of marketing or ad campaign. You should know who your audience is and all the attributes regarding them. But more than 70% people who run ad campaigns have done the same mistake again and again, and it has gotten them nowhere. If you are having difficulties finding the right target then do some research and find out the right audience for you product you want to market.

3. Ad campaign too short

Thing that stays true in all ads is that no marketing has ever gone wasted. But in case of online ad campaigns it is sure that you are gaining something out of it. So when people start getting sales and driven their businesses well through campaigns, they stop the ads. But in case of Facebook ads it has been seen that longer the ad campaigns more you are getting out of it. Longer ads have low rate per like, than short ones, and also the number of people reached in a day increases as the days passes. And that can only be possible in longer ad campaigns.

4. Non-Buyers


That is a tricky part, their is no option in Facebook to exclude the non-buyers from audience, so you have to be really intuitive about, for instance if your product is related to the online social entrepreneurship, then you should include people between age 16 to 28 years as in this age period people are exploring different fields for future. But people who are aged above 35 are well settled and will not respond to your ads.

5. Low rate of Threshold

This might be a bit controversial to some, but I think it is a very crucial mistake people make running ads. By threshold rate means is the capital you will pay when a certain amount worth of ads have been ran on Facebook. If it is less than $50 then you are not getting most for you bucks. It sounds silly but it is true as I have been victim of this very thing in my campaigns too. Also if you have a considerable amount of reach then your daily budget should be always equal to or a bit higher than your threshold. Again they do matter whether it makes sense or not.

Facebook ads is a great way to get your business going in a right direction if you know how to mend them in your favor and reap the benefits from it.

5 Awesome Inventions for Poor People

Cool Inventions

We are living in a world where every person has to struggle for even basic necessities of daily life. Most of the people even spend their whole life just to find a good living for their family. They spend their whole life just to earn a two time meal. If we check the statistics according to human poverty index a person who earn less than $2 a day is considered to be poor. Statistics also tell us that nearly half of the world population fall in this category. They are unable to fulfill their basic needs of life which include clean water, clothes to wear, basic health facilities and many more. But in this era of technology where people are busy in new inventions there are some new inventions which are very beneficial for poor people,some of those inventions are discussed below:


Cheap Solar Oven


In most of the countries people living in backward areas use firewood to cook their food which is not a safe way and food is unsustainable. On the other hand gas and coal cost them way too much. For people like that bunch of engineers graduated from Cambridge University have invented an Infinity bakery which uses sunlight as an energy source. It can be heated up to 220 degrees. This is made from simple materials like drums, clay, and some wood bars. These type of inventions are not only a money saver but also is environment friendly.

Mobile Water Filtration


As mentioned earlier, access to clean water is now a dream for most of the people in the world. Portapure came up with a solution of providing a filtered water through a device named Pocketpure. This is very affordable device and very effective. This device has already been used by Haitian citizens back in 2010 during the earthquake to filter out water the infected by Cholera.


Mosquito Safety

Even in this modern era millions of people die as the result of mosquito bites. Poor people are also suffering from different types of viruses like dengue and yellow fever in most of the countries. So there is an invention name as Kite Patch. This work under the principle which disrupt the carbon dioxide neurons of mosquitoes. So mosquitoes remain unconscious and cannot be able to find their target. It is very helpful and very cost effective for needy ones.


Adaptable Glasses

Everyone knows in this modern age education is very important for every child. Poor people which are suffering from bad eye sight have a big hurdle in this dream. So here is the solution, the Center for Vision in the Developing World came up with an innovative idea of glasses which are adjustable until one can see through it according to his or her need. These glasses are very comfortable and long lasting.


Moveable Baby Incubator


Everyone know that a large number of new born premature babies die just because of low temperature and parents cannot afford some basic precautionary measures for their babies. So in third world countries this type of measures cost too much. So here is the good news an invention called as Embrace Warmer, which is very cheap as compared to standard incubator and big thing is it is portable, safe and safe.

5 Chinese Customs that might Shock You

At the very beginning of this century China was seeing a steep upward growth in their economy especially their exports were moving uphill. Now in the middle of this decade they are almost on par with US economy. Which means trade between both the nations is also expanded. So obviously many of the US businessmen are visiting China to make deals face to face and going to different places there. As we know they have completely different customs and norms than ours but some of them are beyond crazy for our taste. Listing 5 of them you in case you go China, then you will go prepared for craziness.

1. Lack of line disciplinechinese

Being the most populated country has it’s perks, but it also comes with few glitches. So naturally there is bit of a chaos in their cities at different public offices. But people who visited china have seen even places where there is no rush or no jam pack crowds, people there also don’t care for lines either and just want to get ahead of everybody, well its a good thing they don’t have 40 something white guy there to punch them in the face.

2.  Weird Yelling while Talking

Anywhere in the world if people talk loud or yell they are dubbed ignorant or characterless, but in china all do is yell and yell, sometimes its so loud it almost feels like they are screaming. Well it is because of the vocal characteristics of mandarin language also speaking loud there means that they are been understood.

3. Weird Chinese Food

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Chinese food in the States but we only eat the quarter of the food they have in China. I reckon most of you have watched the documentaries about Chinese slaughtering and eating dog meat, but the list is way long of their crazy food fetishes. Too only name a few things they eat will gross you out to your core. Below is a mini list of their food weirdness.

  • Frogs
  • Cockroaches
  • Stomachs of various animals.
  • Insects of almost every kind.




4. China, the nation of Spitters

Another annoying thing they do that in some countries will get you jail time. Chinese are a really bad spitters, in fact they are so akin to spitting that they do it involuntarily. And it is not even considered disrespectful there. Their government has taken up the issue to the public and has impose heavy fines, but these thing go very hard.


5. They don’t express their feeling to anyone.

And my anyone I mean everyone, their spouses included. Unlike us Chinese are very much an nation of introverts, always remain in their shells not dealing with emotional load they have on their shoulders. They also don’t indulge themselves in the happiness or even dismay of other.  So you better behave as they do with each other or otherwise you will alienate yourself in China.

Google Sniper 3.0 Review. An Ultimate Guide to Earn from Affiliate Marketing.

There are many people around us who dream to make money online using various techniques that are discussed over the internet. Affiliate marketing is one of the famous methodologies that can be implemented to generate a residual income from home. But to be successful at affiliate marketing needs a lot of research, dedication and implementation of various tactics and having all these factors in your campaign isn’t an easy job. Google Sniper 3.0 is one of the affiliate marketing schemes that tend to help people earn money by selling affiliate products especially those on clickbank. It provides a comprehensive guide on setting up an affiliate website through which one can earn a residual income online for several months. But hard work, consistency and time is the key if one wants to be successful using this product.


What is Google Sniper 3.0?

Google Sniper 3.0 is actually an online marketing course that explains the complete affiliate marketing system and guides the customers through comprehensive tutorials and guides. It focuses on the basic techniques that helps to rank an affiliate website in Google and maximize the sales. As it involves the Google ranking techniques in its tutorials, it has been given the name “Google Sniper 3.0” by its inventor George Brown who shared all this internet marketing secrets to be successful at affiliate marketing.


How Does Google Sniper 3.0 Work?

Google Sniper 3.0 is found to be extremely useful for people who intend to start an online business by selling affiliate products through their website. As mentioned earlier, this course showcases the basic methodologies that you can implement on your affiliate website to maximize your affiliate sales. The inventor of this amazing guide has discussed three basic techniques that can help you integrate your affiliate website for maximum profits. These three basic techniques are listed below:

  1. The first and the most important tutorial is about finding a profitable niche from thousands of there. This technique basically rely on low competition/high traffic principle i.e. choosing a niche that is hot as well as has a large volume of traffic. Your internet marketing success enormously depends on this niche decision because if you stuck yourself into high competition, you will stand no where.
  2. After you have chosen an appropriate niche that has a high volume of targeted traffic and the competition is low too, the next step is choosing targeted keywords for your niche. Google Sniper 3.0 demonstrates this tutorial comprehensively and guides you choose long tail keywords instead of targeting small and high competition keywords.
  3. After choosing a niche and creating a list of rewarding keywords for your website, the final step demonstrated by this course is to choose best products to promote.
  4. After you have finalized your niche, keywords you intend to target and products you plan to promote, Google Sniper 3.0 then teaches you to set up a responsive affiliate website using WordPress and optimize your content using proper keywords.
  5. It also helps you monitor the behavior of the traffic that your website receives and optimize your website content accordingly to convert your visitors into customers.
  6. It also demonstrates the installation of appropriate plugins and make use of them to rank your website higher in major search engines like Google,Bing and Yahoo.


What You Will get in Google Sniper 3.0?

Once you buy Google Sniper 3.0, you will be navigated through it gradually and will be taught all the techniques gradually until you become master at affiliate marketing. Some of the important features included in this course are listed below:

  • Beginner’s Guide: This is the first and basic segment of this course where you will taught how to navigate through various segments of this product.
  • Google Sniper 3.0: This is the most essential and important segment of this product where you will get various e-books, user manuals and training videos that demonstrates the basic techniques involved in internet marketing.
  • Tutorial Materials: This segment includes more tutorial videos about maximizing revenues from your affiliate websites.
  • Empire Module: This segment focuses on website building, content creation, traffic analysis and website optimization.
  • Sniper X: This module kind of newsletter that is updated every week where George Brown discusses new tips on affiliate marketing through Q&A webinars and tutorials.
  • Support: This is the best feature of Google Sniper 3.0 that distinguishes it from other similar products. You can consult George Brown and Google Sniper team anytime if you are facing any problem regarding your website or in this product.


Google Sniper 3.0 Pros


  • The methodologies and techniques involved in this product are demonstrated comprehensively and include a step by step and easy to follow pattern.
  • Once you have implemented Google Sniper 3.0 right, it can generate revenue from your website automatically without having to make any regular adjustments.
  • This course is really easy and simple. It can be learnt by anyone who is newbie in internet marketing. Anyone who has a strong will to work online and earn residual money can learn and fulfill one’s dreams.
  • The Google Sniper 3.0 system is available for a reasonable price of just $47. So anyone who is dedicated to earn money with affiliate marketing should go for it once at least.
  • The biggest pro of this program is that it has a 60 days money back guarantee. That means you can refund your 100% cash within 60 days of your purchase if you are satisfied with it. Though there are very very few refunds claimed by people who buy Google Sniper 3.0 but for your information the refund policy is simple and hassle free.


Google Sniper 3.0 Cons

Well, well all are aware of the fact that no online program or scheme is 100% perfect. Every program comes with few cons and errors and Google Sniper is no exception.

  • It needs a lot of patience, hard work and consistency to be successful with this program. Nothing can achieved with a shortcut so if you are dedicated, you will be successful with this course sooner or later.
  • The user has to follow each step and technique very carefully. if something is done wrong, your website can even get blacklisted by Google.


Testimonials From Real Google Sniper 3.0 Buyers


Google Sniper 3.0



Google Sniper 3.0




How Much Google Sniper 3.0 Costs?

If you want to compare the comprehensiveness and success of this program with its cost, I must say it is almost free if used in a right way. This amazing and long term rewarding system costs only $47. You have two options to buy this product; first is to try this it for 5 days at the cost of $1 and the other is to buy it completely for $47. In my opinion, this system is the best guidance course that can be followed to be successful at affiliate marketing and earn a residual income online sitting right in your home.


Final Verdict

One thing that I can assure you about Google sniper 3.0 is that it is not scam and is the best program available to help you make money online using affiliate marketing. if you plan to get rid of your tiring 9 am-6 pm job and earn thousands of dollars on computer and internet connection, this is your best go. I am sure you will never regret to buy Google Sniper 3.0 because I know it works for sure and can maximize your profits in internet marketing.


Google Sniper 3.0

Buy Now

10 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

The internet has become so much sophisticated and advanced and the interesting news is that there are thousands of people who are making money with the blogs and websites they own. Setting up a blog isn’t a big science rather it’s as easy as setting up a new facebook account. Once you have set up a blog and you think it has attained a decent amount of traffic, you can make money with your blog using hundred of monetizing methods available on the internet. Below are discussed top 10 ways you can implement on your blog or website to monetize it.

1. Google Adsense

The most famous and obvious way that almost all the bloggers opt to make money with the blog is Google Adsense. Once you have set up a blog and it has a good reputation and ranking over the internet, you can apply for a Google adsense account. Once they have reviewed your account and approved it, they then tend to display relevant ads on your blog depending on the nature of the content of your blog. Once the visitors click on these ads, you are paid a specific amount of amount per click depending on the nature and niche of the ads.

2. Direct Advertising

If you think Google adsense is not that much rewarding or your website visitors are not tending to click on the ads, you can also skip advertising by Google and go in for direct advertising. If you are much confident about the performance of your website, you can place a ‘Advertise with us” page on your blog and mention the potential traffic and other stats of your blog that should include monthly pageviews, visitors and the ranking of your website in search engines for the keywords you are targeting. The product vendors or companies can request you for displaying their products or services banners or textual ads on your ads for an agreed amount per month. The advantage of direct advertising over Google adsense is that you don’t have to worry about the clicks or impressions of the ads displayed on your website. The amount is already decided between you and the advertisers. This method is found to be more lucrative because you independently set the rates and advertisers tend to pay higher for niche audience.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a proactive form of advertising. You put links on your website to the websites of merchants. When one of your users clicks on a link a cookie tells the merchant that the user was directed to them via your site. If that user then goes on to make a purchase you get a percentage of the sale.

So, the more traffic you convert, the more money you will make. You just have to work out strategies to get people interested in your content first. And then find a strategic (and not sleazy) way to get people to click on the links.

4. Email Marketing

You can incorporate other strategies on this list to make money from email marketing. Your website or blog can become the tool that builds up your email list. Once you have built trust among your audience and they assume you as a reliable source of useful information, you can bring in some sales for your own products or the affiliate products.

5. Make Money with Website Flipping

An idea to make money from a blog or website is to sell it. To do this you will have to:

  • Find a niche
  • Build a robust and attractive website
  • Get traffic and build up an audience
  • Find a buyer

All of these ideas have one thing in common – they are not get-rich-quick schemes. If you focus first on creating helpful content and building your community, then these ideas can come into play. Making money from your blog takes time to develop and grow. But it’s possible with the right strategy in place.


6. Sell Digital Products Through Your Blog

You can create digital products. Ebooks are one of the most popular forms of digital product. They are good because they are easily put together, particularly if you write regularly about a specific topic.

Other digital products you can create as spin-offs from your website include e-courses, webinars or online workshops. And if you are technical or creative you can sell things like website templates, photographs, or illustrations.


7. Sponsored Posts

Writing a sponsored post means you work with a company and make money when you write a post about their product or service. Be upfront and disclose your relationship to your readers. Keep sponsored posts to a minimum so you don’t turn off readers.

If you read blogs, you’ve probably seen sponsored posts. They can be spotted by the disclosure stating something like, “This post was sponsored by [company] but all opinions are mine.”

Find examples of sponsored post details and rates on Life Your Way.


8. Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program allows you to make money by earning a portion of sales when people click-through from your blog to Amazon.com and make a purchase.

You only earn money when people buy something from the web giant and the amount you earn varies based on what people order and how many people purchase through your links.

The Associates program works best for people whose blog focuses on products and shopping in someway. You’ll earn more money if people are in a shopping mood when they visit your site.


9. Sell A Service

Selling a service is basically you selling your time. It can be consulting, freelance works, design work, anything really that is about people paying you for your knowledge “your expert”

You can honestly sell anything your good at.

> Good at writing? Sell articles, press releases and blog post writing services.

> Good at design? Sell blog design, template design and graphic design services.

> Good at public speaking? Sell public speaking services.

> Good at home decorating? Sell a interior design service.

You get the point, if you think about it, you can come up with something you know enough about to justify charging people for your time, be creative.


10. Write Review About The Products

Many of the review you read about various products are paid reviews. Yeah.. It’s the harsh truth.

Companies pay big amount to bloggers for writing positive reviews about the products.So you can pitch some companies and ask them to write reviews about their products and promote it with your blog’s authority.



Average Computer Science Degree Salary over the Globe.

Computer Science Degree; At a Glance

The individuals who intend to pursue their bachelor’s degree towards the technical side usually opt computer science degree as the first priority. And the first thing to look is to the computer science degree salary and its scope at local as well as international level. Computer bachelors tend to develop and maintain the functionality of organizations using computer based tools that include both hardware and software. The major courses included in a computer science degree are computer languages, computer architecture, hardware management, database management and automation theory.

Computer Science Degree Salary

The computer science graduates happen to attract lucrative salary. But the computer science degree salary is directly proportional to location, employer, work experience and performance. Moreover, a few extra credentials beside the degree are also key factors that influence the salary and incentives.

Computer Science Degree Salary (Location-based)

Computer science degree salary is highly dependent on the geographic location where graduate intends to work because the saturation and availability vary greatly in various regions. For example, computer bachelors who reside in San Francisco and California earn almost $101,000 on average per year. Whereas, the median in Chicago, Illinois is $75,000 per year.

Computer Science Degree Salary (Experience-based)

Experience also counts too much in determining a computer graduate’s salary. Following is the data collected by PayScale Inc.

  • Graduates with experience less than a year earn $53,000 per year.
  • Experience ranging between 1-4 years attracts an annual pay of $58,000.
  • Employees who have gained 5-9 years’ experience tend to earn $75,000 a year.
  • And 10-19 years employed scientists has a potential of earning $94,000.

Computer Science Degree Salary (Qualification-based)

The specialty that a computer graduate opts also plays a vital role in determining his/her salary. Those, having a decent expertise in HTML earn a potential $68,000 a year. And the graduates who have good to attract $50,000 to $100,000 per year depending on the projects, programmers earn $45,000 to $81,000 per year and program analysts have a potential of grabbing $45,000 to $81,000.

Employers who offer project management positions tend to offer higher pays and the project managers can make up to $120,000 a year. Software engineers and project managers are the most attractive individuals when it comes to computer science scientists.


Computer Science Degree Salary

How to Turn Your Investments into Profits at Etoro?

Well, everyone out of us is aware of the shortest and quickest way to make money in the world of internet. That is forex trading. But one things needs to be clarified here that the sentence “shortest and quickest way to make money online” comes with remarkable risks and dangers of loss. Earning thousands of dollars using forex trading and losing them, both have a 50% chance of happening. A small misguided step could put you among bankrupts or a tiny but wise move can count you among the top investors within a day or two. So, forex trading is irrefutably a game of wisdom, patience and knowledge (of market trends). If you intend to step step the wolves of Wall St., you got to have guts accompanied by a brain that has hundred of eyes to monitor each and every trend and move in the forex market.

Forex trading was once a selective game played by few gurus who had a lot of money in their pockets to handle the losses( if any). But today, etoro has made this game both comprehensive and user friendly.


What is eToro?

eToro was established back in 2006 and today they are ranked among the top investment networks with 3 million traders and 130 million completed trades so far. They describe themselves unique of their kind due to the intermingling of social media with trading hence bringing up a comprehensive social trading platform. You can post a status, snapshots of your trades or chat with other traders online like you do with your friends on facebook.


Copy Trading


The most fascinating and fun feature of eToro is “copy trading”. You can browse through the eToro community and visit other traders’ profile to check how much they have traded in profit or loss. if you find a trader consistent with his/her profits, you can reserve some of your funds to copy that trader. That mean if that trader opens a trade in future, the same trade will also be activated on your profile too. So, if that trader earns a profit on that trade, you too bring in those profits without having to panic about monitoring your trade 24/7.


Popular Investors


Another interesting and rewarding feature offered by eToro is “Popular Investors”. This feature rewards the traders depending upon how many copiers do they have in their profile in the form of monthly commissions that can pay you up to $100,00 per month.


So, with the involvement of social and copying features, you don’t require any basic knowledge of forex trading if you are beginning in this market. But, don’t rely wholly on this cozy stuff if you really want to make huge profits in stock trading. You need to learn and learn with every trade you make. Observe the markets fluctuations and moves on daily basis and widen your knowledge for a better future in this street. I am writing a comprehensive and step wise guide on eToro in which I will elaborate each and every feature and tweak of eToro to help you learn and stand on your feet to boost your profits and minimize your losses.


1. Sign up for eToro


Signing up for eToro really takes a few seconds. You can sign up using your facebook or provide a user name and password. After email confirmation, you are welcomed to the world of trading where you have the currency pairs and indices blinking in front of you. Welcome to the Wall Street. 🙂


2. Deposit Funds


Though, eToro offers a demo account with virtual money up to $10000, but I will encourage you to deposit real funds up to $200 in your account. Minimum deposit for eToro is $50, but $200 is preferred initially because you need at least $100 to copy a trader on eToro. After you have created an account on eToro and deposited two hundred dollars initially, its time to jump into copy trading and exploit it for maximum profits.


3. Copy Trading


This geek is the simplest way to open trades and make profits with them. As I mentioned earlier, as you copy a trader, all trades executed by that trader are also activated in your account and are closed when the source’s trades are stopped. So, whatever that trader gains or loses with that trade, you also gain or lose at the same pattern and percentage. Where copy trading seems fun and fascinating, it is actually a game that needs to played with a firm mind and a comprehensive knowledge of copy trading platform. Finding reliable and profitable traders on eToro is the key to success especially when you are beginner and trying your luck initially with copy trading.


Stay Cautious!

The first blunder beginners commit on eToro is being a sheep and follow the crowd. When they find out a trader in the community with thousands of copiers, they also jump into the pit dreaming of making money by following/copying this trader. But actually this is totally a false approach. Let me clarify one thing, any trader who is copied by a few beginners initially, can go viral over eToro with in a few hours. Lets have a look at a trader here..


etoro copytrading


This trader has amazingly 3882 copiers. That means he is too much profitable and expert at trading that people are copying him blindly. Wrong..!! If you shift your eyes to the trades executed by this trader, you will never invest your precious money into him. Will you? This guy went viral (don’t know how) but I am sure many people have lost their trades on him. That is the reason I always encourage eToro beginners to seek consistency instead of quick profits.


How to Find Best Traders to Copy?


When you login into your account, you will see the following tabs on your main page.


etoro navigation


Click on the ‘People’ tab and you will be redirected to a new page where you will have the option to discover new people. The default search parameters are displayed below in the screenshot, but you can change all the options that are highlighted in blue.


etoro discover people


After you click the ‘Search’ button, you are navigated to a list of traders that meet the criteria you entered before searching. They are ordered by descending order of copiers they have. You can also filter your search option from the menu given on the left.


etoro search


6 Attributes to Seek in a Trader You Intend to Copy


  1.  The trader has been on eToro for at least 6 months and is an active user.
  2. He is active through his feeds sharing trading tips and knowledge.
  3. How is his drawdown average. That means how much he has been into loss during a given period. If this percentage is above 10%, you need to move to next trader.
  4. He doesn’t have unnatural returns. A profit of 1000%, in a very short interval of time,is non realistic and clearly depicts the random hits of luck.
  5. He doesn’t have a 100% profit rate. Having a few trades closed in red is a normal thing and depicts discipline and experience.
  6. He is communicative and always ready to help new traders by sharing his knowledge and experience about trading methodologies.


Monitoring Trader’s Past Performance


Here I will walk you through assessing a trader before you intend to copy him. I will use a specific profile and guide you through attributes to look in a trader.

After you have performed a filtered search, and have clicked a trader profile, you will be redirected to that trader’s profile. It look like this,

etoro stats


Once you click the ‘Stats’ tab on a trader’s profile, you will see very useful information that can help you determine whether its worth to copy the trader or not.

Below you can see the stats of this trader. If you had invested $100 in this trader 1 year ago, you would have $225 in your account now. Similarly if you had started copying this trader like one month ago, you would have been down by 10%.


etoro history


The other two important things to monitor include ‘Darwdowns’ and ‘Average Trade Size’. Below are the trader’s last three months stats.


Trader's risk/reward stats


The weekly drawdown depicts the maximum this traders went into loss in a single week during this time interval. The average trade size and total equity are proportional to each other. In other words, an average trade size of 0.8% means that the trader would have each trade of $8 if he has $1000 in his account. So, its not the amount that actually matters, its the percentage that demonstrates a trader’s behavior as safe or reckless.

Like in the case of this trader who has an average trade size of 0.8%, it shows the reliability of this trader. Even if any of his trades goes wrong, he won’t lose much money. So it is safe and better approach to copy a trader with less trade size.

How to Copy a Trader?


Till now, you have done the major part of this whole process. Once you have decided to copy a trader, it only takes a minute to copy and invest into a specific trader. Just open a trader’s profile who you think is reliable and disciplined and click ‘Copy’ button located just below his profile picture.


etoro copy



You,ll then be asked to enter an amount you want to put into this trader. Moreover, you’ll also see other useful information appearing on this tab.

The “1.5% of realized equity” simply means that you have investing 1.5% of your total money into this trader. So it is an indication to how much %age of your total money you are putting into this profile to copy. If you want to maintain a sensible and diversified portfolio of your investments, I highly recommend you not to invest more than 25% of your total amount in a single trader.


The “Projected Average Trade Size” indicates the real dollar processing of this copying. From the above example, each trade copied by you from this trader will be $1.87 on average. This demonstrates a safe and reliable trading style and its encouraging to copy this trader.


How to Monitor Your Performance?




Once you click on “Trading” tab on your profile, you are redirected to a whole new world that is called Webtrader. This is where you actually invest in stocks and monitor the progress of your trades and initiate or close them.




Moreover, all of your copied trades will also been available here. You can see the returns of a copied trade and customize it accordingly.


How to Invest and Choose Stocks Wisely?


Well, that’s up to you partner. I cannot offer specific investment advice. All I will say is that it pays dividends to do your homework, read the news frequently and listen to earning announcements. Only invest in stocks or companies that you believe are in a strong and healthy position to resist market shocks, and ultimately have room to grow.

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