What Long Distance Couple did to keep their Relationship Fresh

Many a people say that long distance can be a little tricky if not frustrating. Most people think Skype is just enough to going moving in your relationship. But some of people are a little too attached to each other that need something more than Skype to keep there relationship strong and going in the right direction. So these couple find clever things to keep the fire of their love burning constantly.

So this South Korean couple was living a distant relationship for quite a time. The girl Danbi Shin was living in New York, whereas the boy Seok Li was in Seoul, South Korea. So they trying something new in their relationship, like they both took photos of each other simultaneously while they were on Skype and then later they made collage of those photos until these photos look like they were at the same place in the photo which inadvertently make their love bloom.

They have named their little photo project, “Half&Half”. Below are some of their work of collages.


1. New York’s Arc and South Korea

south korean couple


2. Hand in Hand

hand in hand korean couple


3. Both Faces make one Face



4. Both cities’ Ice Cream

couple with ice cream in their hands


5. The menu board of both cities



6. Sharing the taxi



7. The kind of breakfast both of them share

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart-f (1)


8. One of them is still behind in Coca Cola Packaging


The Beautiful Cat photos with kittens

Most of the people love to have pet at their home. Pets help you have healthy state of mind as compared to those who do not own a pet. Dog are preferred as a pet because of their faithful and loyal nature but still there are so many people who love to have cats as their pet. Cat is beautiful, small size animal but unlike dogs, cats are selfish and dishonest. Generally cat is playful and smart animal. Cats seem to cold and uncaring most of the times but they swell with pride when they gave birth to little adorable kittens. Mother cat really care for her kittens and very possessive about them, no one can get near to her kittens unless you are the owner. These pictures mention below will show you the pride and motherhood of the cats.

1. Little chipmunks are having their dinner.


2.This is my world now.


3. Look at these fluffy fur balls.


4. These are mine, don’t touch them.


5. Happy family.


6. Mommy with her cute kittens.


7. Mommy with her new born kittens.


8. Mommy who lost her 3 kittens decided to adopt 3 abandoned kittens who need a mom.


9. Mommy and Daddy with their new born babies.


10. Mommy feeding her kittens.


11. A big cat family.


12. Happy family ready to have a playtime.


13. An amazing cat family having nap.


14. We adopt a stray cat and after 2 months she had babies.


15. Happy fur balls with their mommy.



Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, The power Couple of Hollywood

Fans love the celebrity couples to the extent that, they want to be like them in terms of their love life and be as romantic as them. In the 90s the couple that inspired most fans were Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, then she was out of the scene and there came the beautiful Angelina Jolie. For more than 10 years they were the hottest couple in the Hollywood scene. But its human nature that they get fed up with almost everything eventually. Although Brangelina is much respected by the people but they are not the couple they were in the eyes of the fans and media.

Now all eyes are on the Couple that is both funny and famous, and that is Anna Pratt, I mean Chris Faris. They are Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. Both started their acting and showbiz careers as the funny people on the TV. Chris become famous from the TV show Parks and Recreations, and it was only reason he is now the most famous Hollywood star. Anna Faris was first scene in couple of Episodes of Friends and then she was later casted in the scary movie series.

The Power Couple



This amazing and cute couple dated was quite some time and then suddenly in 2009 they got them into the spirits of Holy Matrimony.

They both are very active on twitter and whenever they see a moment, they take a jab at each other, which people to see on twitter.

Celebrity couples tend to break up after any little hiccup they have in their life but they have been with each other, every time something has bothered them, and they have remained close to each other ever since.


Why they are the couple to watch right now, is that most famous couple don’t talk to media very often, they not only talk to media but they do it together and that is why they are so loved right now.

And they are making every body laugh at their crazy online presence.


Weapons Used In Star Wars Series

Star Wars is a comic fictional series directed by George Lucas. The film series was a great success and it was acclaimed by many people. The reason of Star Wars success was that it was a unique idea. The plot of the film series, the characters, the set, the vehicles and the weapons, everything was different from the common idea of filming of a movie. The design and functionality of the weapons were supposed to be unique but George Lucas wanted to give a lived-in look to the weaponry so the weapons were designed by modifying the design of real world weapons. Let talk about some of the famous methods that were used in the Star Wars film series.

1.      BlasTech T-21 (Lewis Gun)

This gun carried by the Sandtrooper Officer in the Star Wars film, A New Hope, is a British Lewis light machine gun. It is a light repeating blaster with its drum magazine removed and minute cosmetic alterations.800px-T-21blasterifle

2.      BlasTech DL-44 (Mauser C96)350px-SWHanB

The gun is a heavy blaster pistol which was mostly by Han Solo and Rebel Alliance. The gun was also also used by Luke Skywalker in the film, The Empire Strikes Back. The design of the gun was copied from the real life gun, Mauser C96. A sniper rifle scope was added on the front with some minor changes in the magazine and body.

3.      Ion Blaster

The design of the Ion Blaster is based on the real life gun, British Lee Enfield No. 1 MKIII, and it was used by the Jawas in the film, A New Hope. The design of the gun is almost similar to the real life gun except a grenade launcher barrel is added on the shortened barrel.


4.      BlasTech DH-17 (Blaster Pistol)

SWE11br2Another pistol used by the Rebels in the Star Wars films is BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Pistol. The Rebels used this weapon against the Stormtroopers at the blockade runner. The gun was later seen in the hands of the officers and guards on the Death Star. For the film, The Empire Strike Back, the gun was made from the real Sterlings. In the post-production, the muzzles were added.

5.      E-33 Carbine Rifle (Webley & Scott Flare Gun)

E-33 Carbine Rifle is the modified version of Webley & Scott No.1 Mark 1 Flare Gun. The gun was used by Boba Fett in the films, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The barrel was kind of simple in The Empire Strikes Back but the design of the barrel was changed in Return of the Jedi to a more distinctive design and the sniper scope was moved backwards.


Pumpkins at this Halloween

The festivity of Halloween has come from the Celtic origins and was basically  emerged from the reigns of the old Europe. The word Halloween has changed from various forms of words likes all Hallows, Alhalloween, all Hallow day. Back in the days the festive day of Halloween was all about the ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, ghouls, and much more. But now it has took quite a turn on the other side and now Halloween is all about the costumes and trick or treating. It has a very special place in the eyes of the little kids who love the festive of Halloween.

Many years back on the Eve of Halloween, the mot important thing that people did, was the family dinner with all the members of your family and sharing few scary tales with the children. But now only few of those families observe this sacred and everyone else has being doing other things that has nothing to do with the spirit of Halloween.

People make different kinds of costumes some of them are related to Halloween, but mostly people are doing costumes that are related with their famous movie characters and the most famous them would be the costume of slutty that came in as a prefix to the most famous things like slutty nurse.

But the thing that is not associated with Halloween but is wildly been called the most amazing thing about Halloween and that is the art of carving the pumpkins. Carving Pumpkins has come to US way back, as US do produce a lot of pumpkins, so people can use them to for their fun little endeavors like carving pumpkin. Different types of pumpkin carvings have been introduced in the mix.

Below are some of those few amazing pumpkins carvings people have done for this years Halloween and are still doing it before the Halloween on the 31st Oct.

Cheeky Face

cheeky face pumpkin


Resting Face Punched

resting face punched pumpkins



two faces one pumkins


Red Indian Pumpkin

pumpkins and red indian


scary face pumpkins


The Football Pumpkin



7-year Old “Shake it off” with Taylor Swift

Well you are never too young to shake it off. In August of the same year, a video of a young boy, Dylan Barnes, passionately dancing on the song “Shake it off” went viral on social media. Dylan widely became famous after making his dance video and sharing it on the internet. The video went so viral that the famous Ellen DeGeneres invited Dylan to her show “The Ellen DeGeneres show” to display his best moves. After the show, DeGeneres gave him the tickets of Taylor Swift’s concert in Kansas City, Missouri which is near to his hometown. She also promised Dylan to have a backstage meeting with Swift.

After the concert, not only Dylan had a meeting with his icon, Taylor Swift, in the backstage. But  Taylor was so impressed with the boy that she decided to have a dance with the young lad. So Dylan had a “Shake it off” dance party with the superstar. A video of the dance was also shot which Taylor shared on her Instagram with this caption: “Finally got to meet Dylan, the 7-year-old who passionately danced to ‘Shake It Off’ on Ellen — and this happened.”

Both of them seem to enjoy the party quite a bit, where the songster Taylor is dancing bare footed on the carpet and the young Dylan is showing his moves with the song played in the background. This video also went viral and Dylan’s mom thanked Taylor Swift with the tweet: “Thank you @taylorswift13 for making #persianbigred dreams come true! You are a class act! #shakeitoff #TaylorSwift”.

Taylor Swift is an amazing star where she keep on making her fans’ dream come true and make them happy.


The Pikachu and Pokemon Festival in Japan

Japan is an island nation and very well-known country due to a popular tourist place. There are a lot festivals happen in Japan throughout the year like Cherry Blossom festivals and beautiful site of fireworks during summers and many more festivals like these. If you talk about dancing, a new event in Yokohama is getting too much attention from kids and adults. In this event you will see a bunch of Pikachu walking around the city.

Pikachu is very famous cartoon character. Pikachu is very cute and it was a character and animation of a game known as Pokémon. It is just like mouse with a tail and cute red cheeks and yellow fur.

So if you know Pikachu and crazy about this cartoon then you surely got to see this very fun event which happens in Yokohama.


This festival is known as “Odoru Pikachu Tairyou Hassei-chu!”, and is weeklong event which includes more than 1000 Pikachu dancing, marching and playing with all those people who came there to see them.

The army of Pikachu perform in different areas of city. Different types of performances can be seen at different places like shopping malls, car exhibition of Pokemon at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse and many more like this.

Pikachu’s March

The festival also has a grand march of the Pokemon and it is very easy on the eyes and they all seem very cute walking with that smile on.

The Stomp Show

The Pikachu in the sailor’s Uniform with all the other actual sailors, looks too good to watch. And later they perform on the stage with the sailors.

Car for Fans

People got to ride in the fantasy vehicle designed from the fans of it and it did drive very well.

Pokemon Center in Yokohama.

A cute and small fan of Pokemon walking out of the Pokemon center in Yokohama.


10 Best NFL Players of All Time

In NFL the level of greatness and expertise differ very much in terms of the position players play. So it is very difficult to find some of the best players. But we have done by very thoroughly watching all the better players of Football.

Here goes the list of 10 best NFL Players

1. Jerry Rice



It was 1984 when Jerry came into the spotlight because of his record shattering year at the local team of Mississippi, but he was not selected into NFL that year,latter that year he got in eyes of  Cowboys and 49ers. Cowboys were very keen to get him to play with them but 49ers became extra vigilant and snatched him from Cowboys’ pocket. After that all the greatness he has hidden in himself shined through and he won 3 Superbowls for 49ers.


 2. Jim Brown



Jim Brown was famous for his run backs in his career. Almost all his football career he was with the Cleveland. He was very popular among his team mates. He probably was the greatest of his time if not of all times. He hadn’t had very long of a career because he came into the showbiz while he was in the NFL, but then all of sudden he quit football and devoted himself to the show business.


3. Joe Montana

joe montana


Just like Jim Brown he did not prolonged his career, but in his somewhat not so long run at the NFL he achieved that no other longer playing footballer had. He was in four Super bowls and he won all of them for his team. Out of four he was MVP of Superbowl in three of them.


4. Lawrence Taylor



Career of Taylor spans 10 years and throughout his run at the NFL he was surrounded by controversies. In 1980 he landed the contract at New York Giants for 10 years. But for the rookie he wanted .25 million dollars which at first was not accepted by  the Giants players and officials but later they met and gave him want he deserved. And he ultimately delivered for them.


5. Tom Brady



He has scored both in his personal life and NFL life too. As in personal life he has the most beautiful wife any footballer ever had. Though at the start of his football he was very much ignored at the Michigan, and later in first year at Patriots, he was only the bench warmer the whole season. But at the start of his 3rd season he came in the field after injury of Bledsoe, and he played 11 out of 14 games that season and fortunately Patriots win the 11 games he was in. Then he became the permanent member of the team ever since. Now he is their QB. He played 4 Super bowls and won 3 of them.


6. Walter Peyton



Peyton may be the greatest person who has graced his presence in the NFL. In 1975 he ran 1,000 yards in a single season, which he almost doubled the next season with 1,800 yards. In 1990 he died due to his fight with the liver disease.

7. John Elway

john elway


Known by the name “The Drive”. He has that driving force in him that every time he lagged in the game, came back even stronger the next season. Firstly he played for Colts but his career didn’t flourished there, so they traded him to Broncos where they went to the 3 super bowls but didn’t touch the victory line. But latter in the next consecutive years he helped them beat Packers and Falcons at the super bowl.


8. Reggie White



He is known to be the best defense the game has ever seen. He was associated with a funny name the commentators called him, “The Ministry of Defense”. He played at the NFL level with huge teams, the Packers and the Panthers. He played three super bowls in his career and won only won with The Packers.

9. Dick Butkus

dick butkus


Everyone in his time feared this man due to his huge size and very dangerous tackles. He was the most feared man in the 70s. He played all of his Football with the Chicago Bears as he was the son of Chicago. He had a short career of only 9 years as he had a long history of knee problems which eventually got him to retired early.

10. Brett Favre

Brett favre


Brett was kind a guy who has very long list accomplishments but is not considered to be that great to be on any list. He wasn’t that great to be honest, but he had his moments which earned him many records and a position on the list.

Tom Hardy Seems Eager to Play James Bond.

The famous British actor, Tom Hardy has recently revealed that he is interested to play the role for James Bond 007 while talking to a channel. The current Bond, Daniel Craig said while talking to Esquire magazine that he has no intention to leave this role but he added that Spectre might be his last appearance in this series. The British bookmakers have already started looking for his genuine replacement though.

Tom Hardy mentioned his interests regarding further movies while he promoting his latest movie “Legend” in which he is playing the role of two twin siblings, Ronnie and Reggie Kray. He also added that he enjoyed playing the role of Ronnie, the younger brother.

tom hardy


Recently, the Bond series writer, Anthony Horowitz, has started looking for celebrities to play for the character of James Bond and has included Idris Elba and Tom Hardy in his list for this character.



Best Movie Characters of All Time

We all love movies. Sometimes, a movie is so great that we watch it again and again. Characters are the soul of the movie. There performances make a movie special. Sometimes, a character is so special and is performed so greatly that it becomes unforgettable.

1. Darth Vader, Star Wars

movie charactersDarth Vader is a fictional character in the ever famous Star Wars film series. It was a pivotal villain role which appeared in all six films of the series. The character was created by George Lucas and portrayed by numerous actors. Actually, one of the Jedi (main protagonists) in the Star Wars tried to bring balance to “The Force” when he falls to the dark side of the Force and then serves his evil Sith master, Darth Sidious. Darth Vader is known as one of the greatest villains of all time and the American film institute named him as third greatest villain of cinema history.

2. The Joker, The Dark Knight

movie charactersThe Joker, archenemy of the superhero, Batman is also one of the favorite characters in cinema history. The credit of creation of character is somewhat disputed. Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson claims to be the characters creator while Bill Finger takes the credit for writing. There is also confusion about the origin of Joker. The most common story is of him falling into a tank of chemical waste, probably bleach, which turns his skin color to white, his lips to red, and his hair color to green and this disfigurement drives him insane. Another story is that he was not treated very well in his childhood by his father who also put a smiling face on him by cutting his lips. Due to this behavior, he lost faith in humanity and thought that he is a freak in other people eyes. He just puts makeup to hide his identity and to consider himself different from other people. The character was played by various people. Cesar Romero appeared in 1960’s Batman series, Jack Nicholson in 1989’s Batman, Heath Ledger in 2008’s The Dark Knight for which he got a posthumous Oscar award and by Jared Leto in upcoming Suicide Squad.

3. Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Tyler Durden is the character of a novel, movie charactersFight Club written by Chuck Palahniuk in 1996 which was later adapted as a movie by director David Fincher in 1999. The narrator, who remained unnamed throughout the novel, meets a strange person named Tyler Durden. They together create Fight Club by which later in the story, Tyler Durden tries to change the social structure through violent means. The narrator till the end didn’t know that Tyler was not more than his alter ego. He was his real personality and the person he perceives as “himself” depicts the personality the rules of society has programmed in his head. Tyler Durden was the person that the narrator wanted to be. The character was played by Brad Pitt while Edward Norton played the narrator.

4. Dr. Hannibal Lector, The Silence of the Lambs

movie charactersHannibal the Cannibal or Dr. Hannibal Lector is character of Red Dragon, novel written by Thomas Harris. The character was played by Sir Antony Hopkins in the movie, The Silence of the Lambs, a sequel of Red Dragon and the character appeared as a primary antagonist in the first two movies. Later, Hannibal becomes a protagonist. Hannibal was portrayed as a antihero in the fourth movie, Hannibal Rising. Dr. Hannibal Lector is a former surgeon and psychiatrist. It was shown in Hannibal Rising that Hannibal was traumatized in his childhood as he saw the murder and cannibalism of his beloved sister, Mischa Lector by Lithuanian Hilfswillige (Nazis volunteers) during World War-II. The novel writer, Thomas Harris told that Dr. Alfredo Ballí Treviño was the real life inspiration for Hannibal Lector. Hannibal Lector is listed as #1 villain by American film institute in 100 Years..100 Heroes..100 Villains.

5. Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

movie charactersOur beloved, Captain Jack Sparrow portrayed by the one and only Johnny Depp appeared in all of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Captain Sparrow is one of the nine lords of the Brethren Court, the assembly of the pirate lords of the seven seas. He is the former captain of The Black Pearl which was taken by Hector Barbosa. Captain Sparrow is known for his treacherous escapes from the most dangerous events without using any force and only fights when necessary. The character was created by screenwriters, Terry Rosio and Ted Elliott.

6. Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

indiana jonesIndiana Jones, also known by his nick name “Indy”, is a fictional character created by George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg and was portrayed by various actors with Harrison Ford being the most famous. The character is inspired by Allan Quatermain of King Solomon’s Mine who Lucas and Spielberg enjoyed in their childhood. Another inspiration of Indy is James Bond as Spielberg told Lucas about the next project to be fun like Bond. Indy was a life scout in his childhood as shown in The Last Crusade and then later on, becomes an archeologist. American Film Institute has listed Indiana Jones as the greatest hero of all time.

7. Vito Corleone, The Godfather

movie charactersVito Andolini Corleone, is a fictional character of the novel, “The Godfather”, written by Mario Puzo. Vito Corleone is a head of the most power mafia of New York City, Corleone crime family. Vito migrated from Sicily to America in his childhood and then builds a mafia empire in his adulthood which deals mainly in gambling and union corruption. But he is shown as a man of strict moral code to his friends and especially to his family. He is a very traditional man and even his close friends call him Godfather or Don Corleone rather than Vito. The character was played by none other than the great Marlon Brando for which he also won an Oscar award.

8. Tony Montana, Scarface

hd wallpapersTony Montana, a character from the movie Scarface, was created by Oliver Stone and portrayed by the glamorous Al-Pacino. Tony Montana is a drug lord who was a Cuban immigrant during 1980 and didn’t get a green card although he claimed his father to be American. He then with his friend Manny were contacted by the head of Miami drug cartel, Frank Lopez, who gives them a task to murder someone and then he will get them green cards. After that, he was given the task to smuggle cocaine for $5000 and through this, he enters the world of crime. Tony Montana is one of the most favorite characters of all time and is listed as 27th greatest movie characters by Empire diehardmagazine.

9. John McClane, Die Hard

John McClane is the character of the Die Hard film series. McClane is the main character and has appeared in all of the films and played by the famous and one and only Bruce Willis. McClane is an American police detective and more often also works as a vigilante which many times also put his carrier to danger and affected his marital life. McClane doesn’t care about his life and is shown taking himself to any extent for the success of mission rarely taking other’s help and putting anyone’s life to danger alongside him.

10. Verbal Kint, The Usual Suspects

movie characterVerbal Kint or Keyser Soze is a fictional character of movie, The Usual Suspects. Soze is a drug lord and con artist whom the police is after for the case of burning a freight ship and burning everyone in it. Knowing that Kint was also with the criminal gang which was murdered during the incident, they arrest and investigate not knowing that Kint was the actual Keyser Soze. They investigate Kint and he successfully ditch them through his physical appearance and stupid acting. Soze was ruthless crime who acquired a legendary mythical influence over the police officials. He also murdered his own family after knowing that his rivals tried to take his drug empire on the lives of his family. The character was played by Kevin Spacey and is listed as the best villain by numerous magazines.