Comfort Suites Hilton Head Island – Perfect Hotel for Visiting your new Marine!

We recently got back from a trip to Parris Island, South Carolina.  We were proud to bring back our new Marine andcomfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount outside loved our stay at the Comfort Suites Hilton Head Island.  When booking the trip, there were many options available that were close to the base, however the price range was higher than we were interested in paying.  We were spending family day and the graduation day on the base, so there was no need to spend extra money on a hotel that we were not going to spend much time at.

We were surprised to find that this hotel was roughly $150 per night and with our Check Inn savings, brought it down to $100.  If you are unfamiliar with what Check Inn savings are, here is the quick run down.  It is a company called CLC Lodging that offers business discounts for hotel stays.  You can receive cards for all employees of your business and everyone can enjoy 20 – 40% discounted from their stay while traveling.  It has been a very convenient card for my wife and I, that run multiple online businesses and has saved us a tremendous amount.

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CID Referral Card Check Inn CLC Lodging business hotel discount 1

The Comfort Suites Hilton Head Island Hotel offers many amenities

comfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount guest room

The Comfort Suites hotel was perfect for us.  Everything was immaculate, very clean, up-to-date and comfortable.  I loved spending time in the pool and the fitness room.  They had exactly what we needed and were very accommodating.

They offered multiple amenities including:


Workout Room

Complimentary Breakfast

Room Service

Free Wifi

Walking distance to multiple restaurants, shops and fast food

Was under a 30 minute drive to the Parris Island Marine Base


I personally give the Comfort Suites hotel a 5 star rating and would love to go back in the future!

comfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount complimentary breakfastcomfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount workout roomcomfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discountcomfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount poolcomfort suites bluffton south carolina hotel discount entry

Looking for a House Sitter to meet your Travel Needs?

Looking for a House Sitter to meet your Travel Needs?

One common problem that I see many people running into is not being able to travel due to the need of a house sitter, specifically related to their pets most often.

Traveling with Petspet-sitter-house-sitter-dog-kennel

It’s not that it cannot be accomplished to travel with a pet, but life can be much easier when it comes to:

  • Wanting to experience different events that are not pet friendly
  • Hotels, Motels, Lodges, etc
  • Amusement parks
  • Nightlife
  • the list goes on

So, why not consider a service that has been 100% trusted and guaranteed to leave you satisfied for your next travel endeavor?

Confidential Secure Matching System Gets Results!…

HouseCarers has been securely matching Homeonwers with House Sitters since October 2000. We have researched the practice of house sitting and created acceptable guidelines to help our members make informed decisions. We use the power of the internet to connect our members across United States and around the world.


Find A House Sitter In Your Area Today!


Considering Taking Your Pet On Your Next Adventure?

Check out this helpful list from the Humane Society on tips for traveling with your pet!

Battle Plan To Eliminate Fear In Your Life – Personal Development 101

Battle Plan To Eliminate Fear In Your Life – Personal Development 101 – Presented by Krystal ComberOvercome_Fear_Take_Action

After my last video, what did you find is holding you back …what is your fear(s)?
what are you good at?
What do you enjoy doing?
What lifestyle do you want to live?
and be realistic… it’s amazing what realistic can be, but you must stay committed to your plan
Take baby steps and watch your dynasty grow slowly over time
I want to you take that fear that resides inside of you. For example…I struggled for a long time after I was in a serious car wreck. I had to relearn life…down to walking, talking, making food, etc… I became afraid…something I had never experienced before. This fear was – what will people think? If I do this, or that, or reach for these goals, or dress like this, eat like that…and so on. I used to let it control my life. It made me sad, overwhelemed, depressed, obsessive … and when I finally said enough is enough…I started a daily ritual in my life of setting an alarm to go off every day… the Name of the alarm was Don’t care what anyone thinks about you…PERIOD!

I would get out of bed and walk to the bathroom…Every mirror that I passed, I said “I don’t care what ANYONE thinks about me” – I was taught through my rehabilitation that putting sticky notes everywhere with things I needed to remember, or things to get done written on them… I used this method as well and the sticky notes said – Be Yourself… no matter what… who cares what people think?! I DON’T!

and you know what happened over the next six months? I didn’t care anymore… I was more relaxed, open, not afraid of going in public… when someone looked at me weird or said something to me I simply smiled and nodded… I saw things transform more and more over time and it continued to fulfill me every day.

So here is what I want you to do… start with your fears – write them down, use the sticky note method, the alarm method and the mirror method for whatever it is that is holding you back… Make these daily rituals and let’s begin your transformation!

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I will be back with more great videos to help you transform in your personal development growth

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Mears Transportation Overall Review

If you had the pleasure of reading our previous article: Mears Transportation: The Taxi Of Death! – Then you know that our overall consensus on Mears Transportation isn’t very high in rating.  Please feel free to read the in-depth article to know the entire story of our adventure with Mears.


OVERALL RATING (based on a 5 star system):

We give Mears Transportation a 1 star rating overall

PRICE – 4 stars



SAFETY – 1 star

Would we recommend Mears Transportation for your travel needs?

A heavy “NO”



It is important to find great deals while traveling due to the increased cost of living worldwide.  Heck, that’s why we created this website for you!  But at what cost will you take up a great deal?  Yes, Mears Transportation does offer affordable transportation to your destination but when your safety is compromised and customer service is unhelpful and disrespectful, is it really worth it?


Creating & Implementing Daily Goals In Your Life – Personal Development 101

Today I am going to talk about creating and implementing daily goals in your everyday life.  Once you start to practice and implement these techniques in your every day life, you will begin to see your life transforming and feel accomplished at the end of each day.  The first few months will require writing down your daily goals in a calendar, on sticky notes, in a journal or whatever works best for you!

Some ideas for this include:

  1. Set alarms on your handy mobile device (Google Calendar works great as well)
  2. Share your goals with others to help remind you and keep you staying focused
  3. Wall calendar or one that you take with you each day
  4. Dry erase board

After the continuation of practicing and sticking with your goals, they will begin to occur naturally, without needing the reminder (but I still suggest writing them down until they are a natural habit).

Examples Of Daily Goals

  1. To Dos
  2. Cleaning
  3. Meditation
  4. Prayer
  5. Writing
  6. Working out
  7. Branching out to someone new (simply say Hi to a stranger)
  8. Paying a bill
  9. Bank deposit
  10. Grocery list
  11. Cooking meals
  12. Helping others (walking an elderly individual across the street, giving spare change to someone in need, helping someone carry their groceries)
  13. Do things for your loved ones (Even if you don’t drink coffee, make them some before they wake up, leave a note that you love them and hope they have a wonderful day, send a text that you are thinking about them or a funny meme, notes of wisdom or inspiration, a hug….etc)

Doing these things will not only help you to feel accomplished, they will also spread positive energy to others, essentially creating a ripple effect out to more and more people.

So start practicing, implementing and watch your life slowly transform over time!


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How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Widget to your Website

In today’s blog, I would like to explain to you how to add a YouTube Subscribe Widget to your website.  This not only makes it easier for your fans to subscribe to your channel, it also creates engagement from others that have stumbled upon your website but were not aware of your YouTube channel’s existence.  It is important to remember that when creating any form of business you wish to receive more engagement, that you make it as easy as possible to generate more followers, subscribers, internal and external links…the list goes on…There is obviously a lot more to it, which I will address in future posts and videos, but for now I am simply breaking things down so it is easy to follow along and take one step at a time.

So, let’s get started!

You want to add a YouTube widget to your website, but how do you go about doing this?  Let me show you an example of mine:

First, go to and login.

Second, click on the image in the right hand corner and “Creator Studio”

YouTube Subscribe Widget How To

Third, click on “View Channel” – and grab the part of the URL after

In the following example you would grab and copy “KlearlyLLCKrystal” –

Fourth, you would place the copied portion of the URL in place of COPIED in the following code:

<iframe style=”overflow: hidden; height: 105px; width: 300px; border: 0;” src=”” width=”300″ height=”150″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” align=”center”>

Your YouTube widget Subscribe code would look like this 🙂

You are all set to go now!


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How To Refinish Antique Wood Coffee Table by Krystal Comber

Hey guys!  I am excited to share some easy how to tips on refinishing old wood furniture with my recently purchased antique coffee table.  The steps are simple and pretty cheap.  I completed the refinish in one day with about 10 hours of work.

The Recipe Ingredients to Refinish Antique Wood Coffee Table:

Sander – You can manually sand but with my project there were deep cuts in the wood, so I purchased a small Black and Decker Mouse sander the day before.

black and decker mouse sander wood

Stain or Paint – You will want to stain or paint your project after the sanding is complete.  I purchased the Minwax Red Mahogany Stain.

red mahogany minwax wood stain

Polyurethane Clear Coat – After your stain dries you will want to add a coat or two of polyurethane clear coat for protection over time.  I personally used Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane.

fast drying polyurethane minwax wood

The Recipe to Refinish Antique Wood Coffee Table:

Step 1 – Sand down your coffee table to a smooth to the touch finish.  Be sure to remove all of the previous finish, stain or paint.

Step 2 – Wipe down your coffee table and make sure that the surface is completely clean and free of sanding debris.

Step 3 – Apply 1-2 coats of stain to the surface.  Be sure you stay consistent and keep the same amount of stain on all of the surface to ensure best results.  The more coats you apply, the darker the stain will become.

Step 4 – After the stain is completely dry, apply 1-2 even coats of clear polyurethane.

That’s it!  Your project is now complete and a beautiful addition to your home!

Before, During and After Photos of the Coffee Table:

The Power of Positivity and Belief – Video 1 – Personal Development 101 Series

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Overcoming FEAR and Creating Lasting Success Personal Development 101 with Krystal Comber


Don’t Let FEAR Take Control Of Your Life – Personal Development 101 – Presented by Krystal Comber

Why is it that so many of us don’t take control of our lives, work toward our goals and simply TAKE ACTION?  Everyone out there has a purpose, you know it deep down in the depths of your soul.  Whether it be a new business venture, hobby, interest in a person (romantic or platonic), losing weight, quitting smoking, eating healthy, taking vitamins, starting that daily routine you have always claimed you would do, but never did…the list goes on.

When you think about New Year’s Resolutions what comes to mind?  Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution in the past?  Did you succeed or fail miserably?  In today’s economy, we hear a lot of “When I start my…”, “Tomorrow I will…”, “After my birthday I will…”, “As soon as I find a buddy to do it with me, I will…”.  I can’t begin to explain how many times I hear that on a daily basis.

Stop putting a date out there and just DO IT!

Procrastination is unfortunately one of the biggest results of fear and we all experience it at times…some more than others. Procrastination is also the result of little to no success in our lives.  If you want to see results, then start jumping out of your comfort zone and create a battle plan to work toward your goals, one day at a time.

Success does not occur over night.  That is a common misconception that so many fail to realize.  They think that if they decide to start a business, that they will immediately see the money coming in.  Think again!  Yes, there are success stories of individuals where instant success occurred but this should not be expected.  If it happens then good for you, but what we need to prepare for is seeing results slowly form overtime and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Keep this in mind…the more focused, prepared and committed you are…the higher results and quicker success you will see.

Let me give you a couple examples

Business – An individual decides to start a farming business.  They buy the equipment and hire the employees that they will need. The next week they see no results. Why is this?  Because they didn’t follow through further.  After the two steps they took, they should’ve created a battle plan…The overall layout of the farm, the best location for each crop, areas that have sunlight vs no sunlight, irrigation system locations, green house areas vs outdoor open, promotion tactics, reaching out to other businesses and potential customers, etc. It takes time, hard work and a clear goal set in mind.

Fame – An individual decides to create a YouTube channel only on the thought that they want to be famous and make money. They don’t know they want to be famous for, but they watched a video on a success story of an 8 year old that became famous very quickly and now benefits from a solid income based on ads from the videos.  They go to YouTube and create a channel, setup the monetization settings, google webmasters, create a quick blog, upload a few videos and then don’t understand why they didn’t become successful over their first week.


My question to this individual would be “Why did you create this blog?”  It all truly starts with Why, no matter how you look at it.  If your only goal is fame and fortune, then you are missing a very essential point to the meaning of success.  Why is this individual seeking fame and fortune?  To provide for their family?  To live a life with no financial worry?  To feel like they have a purpose..a meaning?

What is it that they can provide to viewers out there that will keep them loyal fans?  A laugh every day?  A trade or information on how to do something?  Inspirational stories to make the viewers feel uplifted, as if they can conquer the world?

We must know why we do the things that we do.  We must have a clear focus and mindset to be able to achieve the goals we set in place.  Don’t be vague when coming up with these things.  Think about what it is and why you want the things you want.  Once you figure that out, start simple and grow big!  If you stay consistent and dedicated, you WILL see results form and ultimately the success you crave.

Where Do I Start?

I would like you to partake in a simple activity in finding out your why, what your purpose is, why you have been putting it off, and what you can do start your transformation in the right direction.

  1. What do you desire most in life?
    1. Financial freedom, security, love, happiness…
  2. What do you enjoy doing?
    1. Sports, helping others, computer work, reading/researching, watching movies, playing video games, artwork, crafts…
  3. What are you good at?
    1. Are there certain activities or topics that others are always seeking your advice on?
  4. In what areas of your life are you unhappy or unsatisfied currently?
    1. Job, family, finances, love…
  5. What do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years?
    1. What does your life look like at that time, who is a part of it, how are you making a living…?
  6. How can you begin to alter your life into a more productive and fulfilling way?
  7. What have you said you would do but didn’t?
  8. Any New Year’s resolutions gone bad?
    1. Why?
  9. What is it that makes you procrastinate on specific topics?
  10. What are you going to do NOW…TODAY… to begin addressing these topics and working toward your goals?

I’d like you to take the time to sit and answer these questions.  Really think about them and answer them honestly.  We will be revisiting them in our next Personal Development Lesson to help you begin to conquer your fear and start generating results and success in your life.

My next Personal Development 101 Lesson will be on Creating Battle Plans and how to attack from every angle.

Cheers to success!

– Krystal Comber

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What Long Distance Couple did to keep their Relationship Fresh

Many a people say that long distance can be a little tricky if not frustrating. Most people think Skype is just enough to going moving in your relationship. But some of people are a little too attached to each other that need something more than Skype to keep there relationship strong and going in the right direction. So these couple find clever things to keep the fire of their love burning constantly.

So this South Korean couple was living a distant relationship for quite a time. The girl Danbi Shin was living in New York, whereas the boy Seok Li was in Seoul, South Korea. So they trying something new in their relationship, like they both took photos of each other simultaneously while they were on Skype and then later they made collage of those photos until these photos look like they were at the same place in the photo which inadvertently make their love bloom.

They have named their little photo project, “Half&Half”. Below are some of their work of collages.


1. New York’s Arc and South Korea

south korean couple


2. Hand in Hand

hand in hand korean couple


3. Both Faces make one Face



4. Both cities’ Ice Cream

couple with ice cream in their hands


5. The menu board of both cities



6. Sharing the taxi



7. The kind of breakfast both of them share

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart-f (1)


8. One of them is still behind in Coca Cola Packaging