Armless Man and His Blind Friend Together Spent 10 Years Planting 10,000 Trees in China


Man has done amazing things in this world. When we look at the course of history, we see heroes like Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela who sacrificed the comfort of their lives for the comfort of others and for the good of their next generation. There are also many unsung heroes around who despite the difficulties in their lives continue to help others and work for the betterment of their society without any expectation of reward. The same is the case with these two great men, who despite their physical inability, decided to do the unbelievable.

A blind man, Jia Haixia and his friend named Jia Wenqi, who is a double amputee and has lost both his arms spent almost 10 years planting nearly 10,000 trees in a once barren land around a village name Yeli in the northeastern region of China.

Haixia was born with one blind eye and lost his other eye in the year 2000 in an accident during the work. Wenqi unfortunately lost his both his arms in an accident when he was only three years old. Both these men when saw that their village is prone to flood, decided to become each others strength and do something that will help to get rid of the problem. They worked for 10 years and did the unexpected. Both of them together leased 8 acres of land from the government and planted almost 10,000 trees which ultimately helped to protect the village from flood.

Many people were inspired by the amazing story of these two men and it went viral on the social media and were also featured in the news articles and magazines. Their story was so inspirational that Haixia may get surgery for his blinding which is actually due to congenital cataract.


1. Haixia plant the saplings while Wenqi cares for them and waters them


2. They have together planted almost 10,000 trees


3. They help each other to cover the others weakness


4. Together, they make a great planting team


5. Their work helped protected the village from flooding


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