7-year Old “Shake it off” with Taylor Swift


Well you are never too young to shake it off. In August of the same year, a video of a young boy, Dylan Barnes, passionately dancing on the song “Shake it off” went viral on social media. Dylan widely became famous after making his dance video and sharing it on the internet. The video went so viral that the famous Ellen DeGeneres invited Dylan to her show “The Ellen DeGeneres show” to display his best moves. After the show, DeGeneres gave him the tickets of Taylor Swift’s concert in Kansas City, Missouri which is near to his hometown. She also promised Dylan to have a backstage meeting with Swift.

After the concert, not only Dylan had a meeting with his icon, Taylor Swift, in the backstage. But  Taylor was so impressed with the boy that she decided to have a dance with the young lad. So Dylan had a “Shake it off” dance party with the superstar. A video of the dance was also shot which Taylor shared on her Instagram with this caption: “Finally got to meet Dylan, the 7-year-old who passionately danced to ‘Shake It Off’ on Ellen — and this happened.”

Both of them seem to enjoy the party quite a bit, where the songster Taylor is dancing bare footed on the carpet and the young Dylan is showing his moves with the song played in the background. This video also went viral and Dylan’s mom thanked Taylor Swift with the tweet: “Thank you @taylorswift13 for making #persianbigred dreams come true! You are a class act! #shakeitoff #TaylorSwift”.

Taylor Swift is an amazing star where she keep on making her fans’ dream come true and make them happy.


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