7 Happiest Cities in the US


What is happiness? Happiness can be defined in many ways; Happiness to us is anything that brings smiles to our faces. Happiness brings sense of liveliness in one’s attitude towards life. You cannot measure happiness neither it can be traded nor profited, still everyone seeks happiness. It is just a feeling that brings a sense of joy in your life. There are status, symbol and wealth but these things cannot guarantee you happiness. There is a very famous saying “Money can’t buy happiness” and nobody can deny this fact. Everyone has different interpretation when it comes to happiness. Here are the few of the happiest cities of U.S which are:

1. North Port-Sarasota.


North Port is the city located in Florida. According to survey of 2010 it has population of 57,357. It is known to be one of the happiest city of U.S.

2. Urban Honolulu


This place is known to be a destination of tourists located in the U.S state of Hawaii and a happiest city of U.S.

3. Raleigh

It is the capital of the State of North Carolina. It is very popular city of North Carolina. It has population of 431,746.

4. Oxnard, Thousand Oaks Ventura


This city is located along the coast of South California. According to population it is 19th most populated city of U.S with the population of 203,007.

El Paso


This city located in far West Texas, United States. It has population of 674,433 according to 2014 census.

6. Provo


Provo is the third largest city of U.S located in the state of Utah. It has population of 116,286 according to 2013 census. It is the largest city and county seat of Utah County.

7. San Jose


It is 3rd largest city in the state of California according to population and 10th largest city of United State in population. The Silicon valley is a part of this great city and contributes to its economy largely.


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