5 Routines That can Make You Smarter.


Most of the people in the world believe that intelligence and smartness are traits children are born with, and it might be true to some extent. But people who just give up on their dreams that depend on their ingenuity is just plain stupid. Most scientists were working how to improve human intelligence whether by medicine or by simple daily routines to follows, and luckily got amazing results from their researches. Below are few of those routines and hobbies we can adopt to really get our minds up to the mark and get smarter.


1. Regular Reading

There should be no doubt about whether reading can help you get more smarter, and it doesn’t matter what you read as far as you are putting your mind into it. As it helps you do things analytically, think rationally, put together different aspects of  life, and obviously it is the greatest source of knowledge that you can have. It doesn’t matter with genre you chose to whet you reading appetite as long as their written material is of good quality.

2. Increase your Exercise Routine


Mind is not the only thing that is needed to be strong, but your body should be as strong as it, if not more than your mind if you want to be a genius. For that here and there type exercise won’t work, as they make you lethargic rather than keeping you sound and active. Regular daily exercise is important for your mind and body to get your juices flowing.  Regular exercise help you concentrate on things, understand things better, and be active all the time during the day.


3. More interaction with people

This routine is more like reading, as you are getting life experiences of people rather than reading that in books. Interacting with people with different backgrounds and walk of life, learning new things about life and about different things too. Researchers have said that  talking to older people and  with women you are gaining a lot more than by talking with men and younger people. As we pay less attention to the people who are of our age or younger. So it becomes a great source of knowledge and information just by interaction.

4. Learning a new Language

For a long time different studies have been conducted seeing the effect on people who know a language other than their mother tongue. And it has been resulted that people who are bilingual are often more intelligent than ones who know only one language.  Most common gain they get from learning a foreign language is the improvement in puzzle solving. People who are in corporate are also advised to learn a foreign language as it can boost their chance in moving up the ranks, as it improves their task completing skills and helping them to be smarter.

5. Learning Musical Instruments make you smarter


As music is a great source of entertainment, it also comes with whole set of other different benefits. As it can calm a very withered mind, help you with improving your skills, as it creates new connects to the brain. The calming effect of music is the most important component in making to a bit more smarter than you are.



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