5 Crazy VMA Moments Ever


VMAs are one of the biggest music award show of USA. The show is shown and produced by MTV. VMAs have always been a stage for the most awesome and enthralling performances that can get the audiences blood pumping. But through out the history of awards there have been more controversies than you think. So we have for your amusement complied a list of 10 crazy moments at the VMA.

1.  Fiona Apple’s Crazy Declaration

At the 1997 VMA Fiona Apple won the Moonman for her famous single Criminal, in the acceptance speech she declared this world bulls**t. While she was not entirely wrong in some contexts, but after that people see her as a crazy singer.


2. Beyonce’s Big Announcement

Beyonce has always been a darling to music industry ever since she emerged on the musical world,  first as destiny’s child and later as a solo singer. At 2011 VMA she unexpectedly announced that she was pregnant. The whole audience went nuts by the news. Later she performed her song at the same show.


  3. Courtney Love Interrupts Madonna

At the stage as Madonna was giving her acceptance speech Courtney came rushing in and starting trashing some some guys and started acting crazy as obviously she is. Madonna was extremely pissed at her for ruining her moment.



4. Taylor got Kanyed

Kanye has a knack to ruin other peoples’ moments. But that was very much selfish of him. As Taylor was accepting her award he got on the stage, grabbed Mic from her, and  started saying she does not deserve the award, but the Video ” All the single ladies” by Beyonce  was the better choice. He was booed at the VMA, and also later on the media too.




5. Twerking made Popular by Miley with Robin Thicke

Gone are the days when you watched Miley a sweet little teenager on Disney as Hannah Montana. Now it is the time of Twerking and bare Miley. We can’t say we love which shade of Miley, but the later has much impact on her career than the other one. At the 2013 VMA Robin Thicke and Miley performed together. It was the starting of the new Miley Cyrus that the world see now. She was all over Thicke and twerking and rubbing on Thicke’s body. People was shocked by what they saw, which was clearly not suitable for regular TV. Later that dance became one of the reasons for Robin Thicke’s divorce.




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