4 Occasions Kendall was better than Kim


Those times are long gone when celebrities were famous for the talent they had and how they portrayed it in front of public, and in fact they didn’t do what they did just for fame and money, they were actual entertainers and took pride in it. But now the entertainment and showbiz is twitter and Instagram centered, and fans don’t really follow the work their favorite celebs do rather they follow them on Instagram and go frantic and frenzy over their selfies. If we talk about Instagram it is almost impossible not to mention Kim Kardashian. She not only has a huge ass, but huge of fans too on social media. She practically reigned the social media for many years, but she has now very tough competition ahead of herself, and that is from her own home and  her little sister Kendall Jenner. In fact in the last two years she has been surpassed by Kendall in every social media platform.

Below are 4 occasions where Kendall was way better than Kim.

1.Number 1 on Social Media


This photo where Kendall is lying down where her hair are in heart shape. It is most liked photo on Instagram.


Photo from last year when Kim got married to Kanye in Paris was record holder for most likes on Instagram until Kendall stole from her.


2.Better Fashion Sense

This Girl Knows how to dress and knows it too how to carry it.


Although Kim looks good in the dress but Kendall’s dressing is way better.


3. Kendall’s Superior Magazine Cover

She has been getting tons of magazine covers lately and she looks amazing in all of those, and that is the reason she has been getting even more offers.



Kim do look good in the mag covers, but in most of the covers she have been doing all those racy and sultry looks and those now are not a huge page turner.


4.Better Entourage and Group of Friends


taylor and kendall
Is this the be st groupies or what. Kendall has a lot of great friends like Taylor. Though Taylor is the glue here but nonetheless it is a great entourage.


It is amazing to spend most of your time with your spouse, significant one, the beloved. But if you are in the showbiz then you should go out and about with other famous people more often.



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